IGP Majak denies complicity in the death of University lecturer Bol Chol

The Inspector General of Police, General Majak Akec is being accused of being complicit in the death of a University lecturer |Photo: SSNP

November 27, 2020 (Thessherald)–The South Sudan National Police Service has refuted the alleged involvement of the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Majak Akec in the killing of a University lecturer, Bol Chol Kocdit.

Below is the full statement issued by the South Sudan National Police Service.

It caught us with a shock when we read the article written on social media on 20th November 2020 by unknown writer attacking Gen. Majak Akec Malok, the Inspector General of Police.

The South Sudan National Police regarding the killing of a late lecturer Bol Chol Kocdit – being a police and closed to the office of Inspector General of police, The Leadership of the South Sudan National Police Service had invested financial, and social resources in ensuring that the perpetrators of this brutal killing of Late Bol Chol Kocdit a lecturer at the University of Juba are apprehended which indeed did happened as promised by the Inspector General of Police to People of South Sudan immediately after the callous demise of Bol Chol.”

After the apprehension of the culprit in the Country’s remotest part and in the course, the suspect was helicoptered from Lakes State – Rumbek to Juba – South Sudan. After all those fruitful efforts, the suspect was arraigned in the court of law and all the court proceedings were made.”

However, the blow came following the request from Late Bol Chol’s family that the suspect be transferred to Military Intelligent or Military Police (MP) Prison Facility, South Sudan People’s Defense Force and the suspect escaped within that facility and if there are substantial evidence that the Inspector General of Police went to Giada Military Barrack and pay cash to those on duty to release the suspect from custody, South Sudan National Police Service would also like to write to corroborate his claims with evidence rather than shrouding.

Regarding the untimely demise of Jet Manom Jong as it had appeared in the last paragraph of this unknown writer alleging Gen. Majak to have sponsored the death of Jet Manom Jong, South Sudan National Police Service would like to inform the writer that Jet Manom Jong is the immediate family (maternal uncle) member of the Inspector General of Police and if those information are true, the writer should deliver those details to any nearest Police Station such that a case is filed against the suspect. The same IGP had helped in upbringing of Late Jet Manom Jong till his tragic death.

Thus, all the allegations fabricated against the Inspector General are nothing but aimed at tarnishing Inspector General’s character.

Therefore, the Leadership of South Sudan National Police Service would categorically want to dismissed the allegations that the Inspector General of Police knows the whereabouts of the assassin and if the writer of this article which circulating on Social Media Platforms have substantial evidence regarding the assassin’s location, South Sudan National Police Service request the writer of this well framed article to go to any competent court and produce those evidence instead of making chorus on Social Media Platforms that inflames public resentment for nobody is above the law.

In summary therefore, the Leadership of the South Sudan National Police Service is appealing to the People of South Sudan to end negative propaganda and interminable writings by the anti-peace and societal cohesion toward our leaders are nothing but means of bringing down the already existing cohesion.

In case you have a substantial evidence against national figures, we are advising the general public to follow rightful channels instead of Social Media Platforms.

Regardless of these unauthenticated writings, South Sudan National Police Service is committed to ensuring public safety and bow to arrest the assassin.

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin Buolo
Police Spokesperson

Rebuttal to baseless incendiary article written against IGP Gen. Majak Akec, published on Sixty 4 Tribes

Inspector General of Police General Majak Akec |Photo: SSNP

Opinion | By Ror Chol Akol

Nov 23rd, 2020 (Thessherald)–I came across an incendiary article written by unknown individual and shared by the infamous anti government page known as Sixty 4 Tribes Press. The baseless article falsely accused the incumbent Inspector General of Police of being behind the murder of Juba University Lecturer Moulana Bol Chol Kucdit.

The unnamed anti peace element through his article further accused the Inspector General of Police of systematically targeting a certain section in Lake State. Therefore, the false accusations levelled against our Inspection General of Police, compelled me to open this response in his defense.

First and foremost, The Inspector General of Police Gen. Majak Akec Malok was in Rajap for an official inspection of unified police force at the time of Muolana Bol Chol’s murder. After three days of the incidence, the then Minister of interior Hon. Michael Chienjiek Gray was summoned by parliament and Inspector General of Police Gen. Majak Akec was out on the trip for same mission in Rajaf. The then Minister of Interior Gen. Michael Chiengjiek went to the Parliament and was accompanied by the Assistant IGP for Administration and CID due to the fact that Gen. Majak Akec was still away on the official mission.

After returning from the mission, the Inspector General of Police managed to apprehended the killier of Muolana Bol Chol. The South Sudan Police Service invested 4.5 million pounds on this case. Gen. Majak Akec Malok and his administration applied their efforts to make sure that the murderer of Muolana Bol Chol is apprehended and brought to book and indeed, they managed to capture the killer in short period of time. I see no reason for accusing Gen Majak Akec because it was through his efforts that led to eventual apprehension of the murderer of Muolana Bol Chol.

Therefore, I urged the general public to be more caution of the false allegations and anti peace articles being spread by the hired anti peace elements against the peace loving and hard-working Inspector General of Police Gen. Majak Akec. We are fully aware equally that the one behind this false allegations against Gen. Majak Akec is Biet Puoric Matuong. Raising false allegations against someone amounts to defamation. Anyone found behind this false allegations shall be brought to book.

In addition, it has come to our attention that the Minister of Interior Paul Mayom Akech has hired Machar Mayuen and Deng Mayom Akech his own son to tarnish the good image of IGP Majak Akec in the social media. The mentioned three paid writers have been writing and disseminating incendiary, defamatory and derogatory articles against Gen. Majak Akec.

The South Sudanese on the social media must take into consideration that no truth can come out from the mouth of a paid writer. I am calling upon Machar Mayuen, Deng Mayom Akech, Biet Pouric Matuong and many other paid writers across South Sudan to efficiently use their acquired knowledge and talents in advocating for peace. Knowing how to write and read is a God’s gift and it shouldn’t be misused for betraying and defaming other people in the social media.

Hon. Paul Mayom Akec lost popularity in whole Agaar land and as we speak his children abandoned him and join SPLM-IO. Team of his children who joined SPLM-IO is being lead by his daughter Aruai Paul Mayom Akec who is likely to be an MP in Lakes soonest. Many Agaar sons and daughters are diserting SPLM and join SPLM-IO because if one man called Paul Mayom Akec. He is currently sponsoring feud in Rumbek. Three days ago, he met with Governor of Lakes state Hon. Makur Kulang and he gave Govenor list of those to be appointed as state ministers and Commissioners which is full of his relatives, children and close associates. He threaten Govenror Makur Kulang that failure to appoint those in his list will leads to his dismissal.

Governor Makur Kulang is handcuffed man by Hon. Paul Mayom Akec because he has no option but to work for all what Mayom said. Hon. Paul Mayom Akec went further to threaten Governor Makur Kulang that he was one who brought him to power not President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Now, the whole citizens of Lakes are almost deserting Governor Makur Kulang because he became his personal assistant not Govenror for people of Lakes state.

In conclusion, Hon. Paul Mayom Akec is evil behind mess in whole of Rumbek and cancer in Lakes politics who is sending many people to SPLM-IO including his children.

The writer is a concerned South Sudanese citizen and can be reached via email: rorchol2020@gmail.com

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