Double tragedy: Two S. Sudan’s patients taken to Nairobi on medical grounds die

July 19, 2020 (Thessherald)–The National Youth Union has expressed deep sorrow over the passing on of two patients, namely John William Alison, a 7-year-old boy who had been suffering from a fatal jaw infection – a condition that mostly affects children from 5 to 16 years of age- and Hellen Zebedayo, an 18-year-old University student who had the same severe disease.

“With ocean of tears in our eyes and hellish of pain in our hearts, we have to announce the heaviest sorrowful news ever. We are dismayed and displeased by the news that both Hellen and John William, the two kids the Union chartered a plane to Kenya for urgent treatment have passed on in the process of undergoing necessary medical attention in the Kenyan hospital,” the Union said in its statement.

The Union expressed its heartfelt condolences for untimely death of the two patients who had been battling the disease since last year.

“South Sudan National Youth Union is deeply shocked by their untimely departure in our midst despite of the efforts exerted to serve their lives. It is indeed a great loss to all those who have had a sleepless nights ushering the family to mobilize sufficient funds for their treatment in the foreign hospitals as prescribed by the doctors.”

“The nation have loss a heroine who have never shown any sign of succumbing to unmerciful disease that have eventually caused her departure.”

“Hellen is a rare character based on my simple observation. She was so strong in the face of mayhem that have been with her for almost a year. She has been fighting for her life without showing glimpses of defeat in her face. She is an extraordinary super-being that we are proud of. South Sudan National Youth Union is grieved more than anyone else because Hellen was our top priority of serving her because that is why were nominated by our constituencies to serve youth in all prospective.”

“We should just accept the fact that God loves Hellen more than us and that is why he has taken her to his kingdom. We are showered with abhor about the fact that the two innocent souls have vanished from us and hastily removed from our usual mood because of this horrific news. This news is hovering around our spirits like thunder lightning. It is horrific indeed. She has wrestled with the disease for so long until she gives up trying and take the rest from the pain she has been enduring for almost one year. We don’t know how to pronounce this kind of tragedy, but Hellen and John William have eventually gone to heaven and we should take courage to accept it. We have just received the remains of the two bodies from Nairobi.”

Achai Wiir, a well-known businesswoman took it upon herself to pay the medical bills for both John William and Hellen Zebdedayo at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi.

The two were supposed to have plastic surgery that could have repaired the bones of their faces and restored the functions of their mouths and jaws.