South Sudan, Ethiopian police sign bilateral cooperation in Juba

South Sudan and Ethiopia’s police chiefs sign bilateral agreement in Juba | Photo: SSNPS

South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) has signed a bilateral agreement with Ethiopian Federal Police commission. In a ceremony held at the South Sudan Ministry of Interior headquarters, in the capital, Juba.

The signing which was attended by South Sudan Ambassador to Ethiopia and designated Ethiopian Ambassador to South Sudan reached a joint recommendations which includes, exchange of security information on the organized and transnational crimes, capacity building, training of South Sudan police officers at Ethiopian police Colleges and universities level, cooperation and border management and joint security investigation, sharing and transfer of experience and coordination among others.

In his address, the Inspector General of South Sudan National Police Service, Gen. Majak Akec Malok noted that the MoU between South Sudan National Police and Ethiopian Federal police will double up the efforts and cooperation on many issues including security intelligence, information sharing, control of organized crimes and training of South Sudan National Police Service officers in Ethiopia.

“This is the beginning and good gesture between South Sudan police and Ethiopian Federal police,” Akech said.

“For us, we are very delighted and privileged to have you and it will be long lasting relationships that will actually path way for other generations to come.”

In his remarks, the commissioner General of Ethiopian Federal police C. G. Demelash Gebremicheal noted that the presence of the SSNPS counterparts at this time shows strong commitment to work towards eradicating challenges, including joint policing in fighting crime between the two countries.

5 mourners parish in fatal car accident along Jub-Mundri road

Juba—At least 5 mourners died in a fatal car accident on Tapari bridge along the Juba–Mundri road while transporting the body of the late Henry Faragi to Lui on Monday, according to a family member.

Since 2020, there have been a number of road accidents across the country, some of which are attributed to unpaved roads and failure to observe traffic rules.

During the rainy season, long stretches become so thick with mud that make it extremely difficult for vehicles and people to slog through.

In 2016, the World Bank provided millions of dollars to fund the construction of old and unpaved roads in the country.

“In order to help promote growth for the rural communities scattered along the road, and to connect villagers to markets, schools and healthcare, the World Bank financed the construction of 424 km of better, smoother rural roads.”

In 2012, shortly after the country gained independence, South Sudan pledged to spend at least $4.2 billion on building roads, but such a promise remains unrealistic for the world’s newest country that relies heavily on oil revenues.

Mary Boyoi fakes sickness as way to get more YouTube subscribers

Singer Mary Boyoi lies in an ICU bed pretending to be critically sick | Photo: Courtesy

A South Sudanese singer, Mary Boyoi, admits that she wasn’t really sick as posted on social media on Tuesday, but instead, she was looking for more followers and subscribers on YouTube.

On Tuesday, Mary took to social media calling on well-wishers and South Sudanese across the globe to wish her a speedy recovery while pretending to be in the Intensive Care Unit in Tanzania.

“Your prayers in my hospital bed are urgently needed by clicking on this [YouTube channel],” said Mary Boyoi in a Facebook post shared widely on social media.

After faking being critically sick in ICU, the South Sudanese singer claimed to have received 139,000 viewers on her YouTube channel.

“I wasn’t sick but team Mary Boyoi [was] promoting All I need video,” she confessed.

She receives negative reactions from the public for pretending to be sick when she is not

“Mary Boyoi. That was a terrible thing you did to your viewers and followers. How could you pretended to be sick just to trick people to visit and like your YouTube channel? You are very unethical my sister,” said Peter Nhiany in comments section.

“Worst promotion ever. And God listens to your heart too. Hoping you don’t fall sick for real soon,” said Remmy Diri.

“I thought we were going to keep it a secret,” said Sam Dee Elly, a member of the promotion team who blamed Mary for spoiling the fun.

“Joke with everything but never Joke with something related to sickness my dear,” advised Chiok Guek.

“That is a primitive way of getting fame! Murle should go to schools,” said Witty Maluak Deng.

According to YouTube Terms of Use, the more followers, subscribers and viewers you have, the more money you can earn through Google AdSene when your channel is monetized.

South Sudan suspends fiber optic company over “shoddy work”

A team headed by the Director-General of National Communication Authority, Hon. Napoleon Adok Gai visits Muya Fiber Construction Company along the Juba-Bhar El Gazal Road
A team headed by Director-General of the NCA, Hon. Napoleon Adok Gai visits Muya Fiber Optic along the Juba-Bhar El Gazal Road | Photo: SSBC

The South Sudanese government has suspended a fiber construction company, Muya Fiber Construction Company, for failing to comply with policies set forth by the National Communications Authority (NCA).

This comes after the government officials went up to inspect the ongoing installations of fiber optic cables and poles, which are expected to connect Juba and Bahr al-Ghazal region.

Speaking to the state-owned SSBC, the Director General of the National Communication Authority, Hon. Napoleon Adok Gai cautioned foreign companies against using South Sudan as an experimental ground.

“Muya has not been able to stand to the standards we have requested. The went ahead and laid the fiber cables using poles which we had initially disagreed with because we wanted poles to be only in the city—but outside across the nation we wanted to bury [underground fiber optic cables].”

“I now issue a suspension for Muya Fiber Optic until they obtain all the alignments for this work and their operations in Juba because Muya has been elusive —and this is an appeal to all the licenced fiber optic operators in the country to make sure that they conform with the regulatory rules.”

“Why do you use our country as an experimental ground?,” he asked.

Fiber optic cables provide an effective bandwidth that significantly carry more data than copper cables and are far less likely to be affected by power blackouts or electromagnetic interference.

Mother of a child born with imperforate anus appeals for assistance

A single mother, whose baby was born with an anal malformation also known as imperforate anus, has appealed to the public to contribute approximately 70,000 SSP needed as medical bills.

The mother, who lives in a suburb of Juba, says she had difficulty caring for the disabled child on her own as there was no free medical intervention from nearby hospitals.

South Sudan’s conflict, which first erupted in mid-December 2013, has posed a major threat to the health sector, leaving millions of people vulnerable in the country.

More details on SSBC:

What causes an imperforate anus in children?

Imperforate anus occurs when the anal opening is absent or not in a normal position. It is a birth defect caused by the failure of normal development of the anal area. Sometimes a fistula (abnormal passage) is present between the bowel and the vagina in girls, or between the bowel and the urinary tract in boys.

There are three types of imperforate anus:

• High type – no anal opening is present and the rectum ends above the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis (hip bones). These children may have a fistula.

• Intermediate type – the end of the rectum and anal canal extend through the muscle at the bottom of the pelvis. These children may have a fistula.

• Low type – the rectum ends below the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis. There is often an anal opening present, but it is in an abnormal position or is covered by a membrane.

The Centre of Moral Decadent: the case of Juba City

Opinion | By Juol Nhomngek Gec

The role of any Government is to protect the culture of her citizens. The protection involves putting limit on freedoms of her citizens. The reasons for protecting morals and customs of the people is that it is another way of protecting family which the law describes as the basic unit of the society.

The family that is founded on morals creates the strong society. The country where families are protected is the country where people protect their moral inheritance. The pride of any Nation is moral and cultural inheritance.

China and Japan for instance are doing well moral wise because their governance is founded on their original cultures. The communities in the countries with strong morals are occupied by indigenous Communities with original cultures.

Like South Sudan, our cultures are traditions and if we can protect and promote our cultures we can have strong foundation and become very strong in all areas. Thus, it is the duty of South Sudan Government to protect our cultures so that they change by adopting new values gradually to avoid cultural shock.

In South Sudan, we are currently experiencing cultural shock and it is the reason why there is upheaval and moral mayhem. Juba which is the capital city of South Sudan is microcosm of South Sudan as a country.

Juba represents South Sudan and its sixty four (64) tribes and whatever bad things happen in Juba depicts South Sudan as a whole. Hence, the fact that there is high level of moral decadent in Juba shows that Juba is the Centre of Moral decadent due to the following reasons:

First, immorality is at its highest point in Juba. . It is practiced everywhere and nowhere exceptional. Majority of our leaders in the Government who are supposed to be moral compass to show right moral direction to our citizens are even the worse in term of morality. They are in fact amoral.

As a sign of moral breakdowns, prostitution is being practiced everywhere in the citizens and hotels are turned into brothels. There are clearly two types of prostitutions. There are those petty prostitutes who can fall for even less then five hundred South Sudanese Pounds.

Those petty prostitutes are the ones we find everywhere in the city. They snake the streets throughout the city selling themselves like hot cakes. Those petty prostitutes are using their bodies to get money irrespective of the danger that they expose themselves to by attracting National and foreigners who may be hosts of different viruses carrying modern incurable diseases.

Those petty prostitutes are sometimes conwomen as they always fight with men who relieve their stress on them during short time as it is known in in the hotels managed by Eritreans and Ethiopians. This is throughout Juba city and other towns in South Sudan.

As I write this article, South Sudanese government does not have any control over her citizens who are women. Of course, women have all rights and freedoms to determine what is good for themselves but in the present condition of South Sudan, our women need protection because of poverty.

The poor are not choosers. Our women, majority of whom are impoverished and they can accept any conditions imposed on them by funders in order to get few pounds or few dollars to care for themselves or their families. Therefore, the men sometime demand to have sex with them live but they have nothing to do as they need money to support their families and themselves.

Moreover, those petty prostitutes are composed of underage girls, and grown up women, who are at homes with their men but are practicing prostitution under cover without the knowledge of their husbands. There was a time a fight broke out between the husband and his wife after the husband received intelligence that his wife was standing somewhere in town for short time.

After receiving the information he went to that place and found his wife where he was told to find her and the first world war in the prostitute world in Atlabara broker out. The poor was attacked on all sides and the police has to intervene to restore and maintain law and order.

Apart from those petty prostitutes as I have described above, there are also those smart prostitutes who charge hundreds of dollars per night. Some of these kind of prostitutes are women in their houses but are too smart to be caught by anyone. Some of these are running big companies and charitable organizations.

They are being founded by the Government officials with public funds. One of the reasons the Government employees and soldiers do not get their salaries on time even if they spend several months is because of misuse of National resources by the government officials. Another misuse is spending money on wrong project such as on prostitutes or unmarried women who act as side dish for big men.

Some of those smart prostitutes or women have broken their houses in order to professionalize their prostitution. Those professional prostitutes are now becoming more and more role models for our young beautiful girls who are occupied with how to become rich as a way of escaping sweat hard lives.

Selling their bodies is the cheapest way of getting money and becoming rich over night. Specially giving birth to or having a beautiful girls or wives who catch attention of every men appears to become a curse nowadays as the immoral men with dollars have become like hyenas around kraals. It is a tag of war.

Those beautiful girls described above have now come up with the new way of getting money from the government officials as they have become sexual rentals. The Government officials who were initially poor become restless with money rent those beautiful girls or women for some days or months and then give them dollars as agreed after using them. It is pathetic.

There are some immoral activities going in sexual world that cannot be described here all. Surprisingly, majority of all the prostitutes are from Dinka as I have been carrying out survey. Yet the Government, which is being headed by Dinka leadership does not want to do anything because it is preoccupied with how to maintain power even at the expenses of Dinka majority.

In short, Juba city is the centre of moral decadent. The Dinka family where the leader comes from and other families who are not taken care of by their governments are breaking down very first. The cause of all these is the man-made poverty through misuse of resources by the SPLM-IG that does not care about the welfare of the people by allowing its leaders to misuse National resources.

The unemployment the citizens are facing now and the poverty killing our citizens is because of the SPLM-IG that has controlled resources and allowed few individuals to use the resources as they think fit.

The writer is the member of the SPLM-IO and he can be reached through

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In Memory Of The Nuer Innocent Souls Massacred in 2013

Could it have been prevented?

Opinion | By Deng Wal Gatluak

Opinion (Thessherald)–December 15th, 2013 marked the darkest day in the Nuer history, a fearless tribe known for its bravery and always revered a warrior as the prophet Isaiah prophesied [Isaiah: 18]. Their ancestors and traditional leaders used to be strong and conquerors except for the time when Riek Machar took the helm with countless bloodshed, loss of many lives and destruction of properties.

Not only did the past seven years bring misfortune to this society, but it ultimately led to intergenerational illiteracy among the Nuer children.

For instance, if an eight-year-old [Nuer boy] had been enrolled in class 8 in 1991, he would have obtained a master’s degree or worked in an office by now.

Since 1991, Machar’s quest for self-determination has not brought good news to the Nuer community, but rather a disgraceful surrender to the very enemy, putting the Nuer at a more disadvantage.

For example, majority of his forces were unconfirmed after merging with the late John Garang in 2002, and had it not been for late Paulino Matip Nihal who at heart fought very hard to see Nuer officers in a military parade. The scenario is now repeating itself – all Machar’s forces are assembled in the bushes at contonment sites with little help to them from the very person; while in Juba the man is enjoying the bloody cake with his children, closest relatives and aides driving V8 vehicles after other luxury cars.

Everyone in Juba prior to the Nuer massacre in 2013 knew that the doomsday was going to befall the country, after the president had brought in notorious militiamen/Mathiang Anyor and Gelweng. If Riek Machar had had strategies or wisdom, he would have challenged the president by preventing him from recruiting paramilitary groups from the Bhar el Ghazal region.

A leader who cares about the welfare of his people could have challenged the president both in Parliament and in cabinet meetings to make his voice heard. Similarly, if Kiir had refused to stop enlisting his paramilitary groups in his hometown, then Machar would have emulated the same policy by recruiting and bringing the White Army from the Lou-Nuer to counter such an ill-intentioned plan.

Allowing militia groups to reach Juba in Machar’s watchful eyes is a curse that will haunt him forever – let’s not shift the blame onto James Hoth Mai, as some writers always scapegoat him in their analysis opinions. Salva Kiir refused to listen to James Hoth Mai’s advice regarding illegal recruitment, so Machar could have used this as a justification for bringing young Nuer men closer to Juba as long as the president was acting out of the constitution.

President Kiir is a coward – who doesn’t know him? –if he knew that the White Army were around Juba, he might think twice before plunging the country into such a meaningless war.

The 2016 peace agreement that resulted in the killing of young men at J1, as well as his recent return to Juba (bare-handed) following the signing of the R-ARCISS are his blunder mistakes. The ongoing attacks on SPLM-IO forces around Moroto and elsewhere in the country are clear evidence that the peace agreement is teetering on the verge of collapse, it is just a matter of a ticking time bomb.

Not far from reality, the Nuer community in the near future may be trapped and massacred once again by the same regime due to the same ignorance and Machar’s unchanging behavior. The time will surely come when a true leader will emerge from this community. Rest in peace Nuer victims!

The writer is a concerned South Sudanese and can be reached via his Email:

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IGP Majak denies complicity in the death of University lecturer Bol Chol

The Inspector General of Police, General Majak Akec is being accused of being complicit in the death of a University lecturer |Photo: SSNP

November 27, 2020 (Thessherald)–The South Sudan National Police Service has refuted the alleged involvement of the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Majak Akec in the killing of a University lecturer, Bol Chol Kocdit.

Below is the full statement issued by the South Sudan National Police Service.

It caught us with a shock when we read the article written on social media on 20th November 2020 by unknown writer attacking Gen. Majak Akec Malok, the Inspector General of Police.

The South Sudan National Police regarding the killing of a late lecturer Bol Chol Kocdit – being a police and closed to the office of Inspector General of police, The Leadership of the South Sudan National Police Service had invested financial, and social resources in ensuring that the perpetrators of this brutal killing of Late Bol Chol Kocdit a lecturer at the University of Juba are apprehended which indeed did happened as promised by the Inspector General of Police to People of South Sudan immediately after the callous demise of Bol Chol.”

After the apprehension of the culprit in the Country’s remotest part and in the course, the suspect was helicoptered from Lakes State – Rumbek to Juba – South Sudan. After all those fruitful efforts, the suspect was arraigned in the court of law and all the court proceedings were made.”

However, the blow came following the request from Late Bol Chol’s family that the suspect be transferred to Military Intelligent or Military Police (MP) Prison Facility, South Sudan People’s Defense Force and the suspect escaped within that facility and if there are substantial evidence that the Inspector General of Police went to Giada Military Barrack and pay cash to those on duty to release the suspect from custody, South Sudan National Police Service would also like to write to corroborate his claims with evidence rather than shrouding.

Regarding the untimely demise of Jet Manom Jong as it had appeared in the last paragraph of this unknown writer alleging Gen. Majak to have sponsored the death of Jet Manom Jong, South Sudan National Police Service would like to inform the writer that Jet Manom Jong is the immediate family (maternal uncle) member of the Inspector General of Police and if those information are true, the writer should deliver those details to any nearest Police Station such that a case is filed against the suspect. The same IGP had helped in upbringing of Late Jet Manom Jong till his tragic death.

Thus, all the allegations fabricated against the Inspector General are nothing but aimed at tarnishing Inspector General’s character.

Therefore, the Leadership of South Sudan National Police Service would categorically want to dismissed the allegations that the Inspector General of Police knows the whereabouts of the assassin and if the writer of this article which circulating on Social Media Platforms have substantial evidence regarding the assassin’s location, South Sudan National Police Service request the writer of this well framed article to go to any competent court and produce those evidence instead of making chorus on Social Media Platforms that inflames public resentment for nobody is above the law.

In summary therefore, the Leadership of the South Sudan National Police Service is appealing to the People of South Sudan to end negative propaganda and interminable writings by the anti-peace and societal cohesion toward our leaders are nothing but means of bringing down the already existing cohesion.

In case you have a substantial evidence against national figures, we are advising the general public to follow rightful channels instead of Social Media Platforms.

Regardless of these unauthenticated writings, South Sudan National Police Service is committed to ensuring public safety and bow to arrest the assassin.

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin Buolo
Police Spokesperson

U.S. strongly condemns recent killing of aid workers in S. Sudan

U.S. Embassy in the Republic of South Sudan | Photo: USA Embassy

November 4, 2020 (Thessherald)–The U.S. Embassy in South Sudan has strongly condemned the recent incident in which humanitarian workers were targeted and killed while carrying out their duty – delivering life-saving aid to vulnerable communities across the country.

“The U.S. Embassy in Juba joins the UN and international community in condemning the recent killings of humanitarian aid workers in South Sudan. In the past week alone, two separate attacks in South Sudan’s Jonglei State resulted in the deaths of two aid workers and injuries to three staff,” the United States noted on Wednesday.

Adding that, “The overall increase in violence has resulted in the deaths of nine aid workers in South Sudan to date in 2020. Since the 2013 outbreak of conflict, 124 aid workers ¬– most of whom were South Sudanese — have lost their lives in the line of duty.”

The Embassy underscored that as a result of the violence directed against humanitarian workers, critical humanitarian aid and funding have been reduced, putting lives of millions at risk.

“Moreover, half of all reported humanitarian access incidents during 2020 have involved violence, or threats of violence, against humanitarian workers and assets. As a result, lifesaving assistance has been delayed or interrupted, resulting in the loss of lives of vulnerable South Sudanese citizens.”

“In order to continue delivering life-saving humanitarian assistance, the U.S. Embassy in Juba and the broader humanitarian community in South Sudan calls upon authorities and communities at all levels to guarantee the safety and security of aid workers, humanitarian assets, and all the people who access humanitarian services.”

The US government reaffirmed its commitment to continuing to support the people of South Sudan during these turbulent times.

“The United States is the largest single donor of humanitarian assistance to the people of South Sudan, providing nearly $692 million in humanitarian aid in FY 2020 through UN and NGO partners. The U.S. Embassy, along with the international community, reiterates its commitment to supporting the people of South Sudan.”

Panic engulfs residents as mysterious drone hovers over Juba

An unidentified drone hovers over in the capital, Juba on October 31, 2020 |Photo: Via Facebook

November 1, 2020 (Thessherald)–South Sudanese were left in shock after a mysterious drone with bright flashing lights was spotted flying over the capital, Juba, on Saturday.

“Our citizens and certain uninformed officials panicked over what they perceived as UFOs or Drones flying over Juba,” Deng Bol Aruai, the Chairman of the Red Army Foundation confirmed on his Facebook on Sunday.

Several eyewitnesses interviewed by our correspondent gave an account of what the drone looked like.

“At first glance, it looked like an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) but when it started flying at a low altitude, we noticed that it was, in fact, a drone,” said Michael Ajak Deng, a Juba resident interviewed this evening by Thessherald.

There are also concerns that the drone may have been sent by foreign spies to snoop around and gather information about the country.

South Sudan, which gained independence in 2011, is currently dependent on the Sudanese government for air traffic as it lacks financial capability to build an Air Management System at Juba International Airport.

South Sudan needs millions of dollars to construct a modernized Airport Management System that has an Air Traffic Control Administrator, Over Flight Billing, Real Time Apron Management, Airport Flight Information Display, Gate Allocation, Automated Warehouse, Security and Meteorological Systems.

Report | By Buay Kapduel
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