An orphaned boy struggles for life after anomalous keloid scars grow

July 5, 2020 (Thessherald)–An 18-year-old orphaned boy has been struggling for life since abnormal keloids began to grow on his neck, causing giant scars weighing more than 30 pounds.

According to a social media sympathizer, the boy identified as Sunday Domkoch Manyiel hailing from the Agaar community, Lakes State – is just an orphan who has no father or mother to look after him as he continues to suffer from such a life-threatening condition.

“His name is Sunday Domkoch Manyiel he is from Agaar Rumbek he is an orphan child he doesn’t have a father or a mother, he live with his family friends here in Nairobi Kenya,” said the sympathizer on Saturday.

“He has been really sick and doctors ask him to pay $4,000, equivalents to 40,000 Kenyan Shillings and he is unable to pay the medical bills demanded, because he is very poor and doesn’t have parents or any other immediate relatives who can help him pay the medical bills,” he added.

What causes horrific keloid scars?

According to experts and medical researchers, keloid scars are abnormal lumps of scar tissue that protrude from the skin, specially when the skin is pierced or cut – as the body tries to produce more collagen to heal damaged skin.

Keloid scars can be lifelong, if there is no proper treatment at an early stage and can have far-reaching physical and psychological effects on the affected person if left unaddressed.

The underlying cause of keloids is not yet known, but the good news is that it is not contagious or cancerous even if it is not fully operated.

Recommended Treatment:

There are numerous methods of treatment that can be applied when dealing with this condition, although none have shown effectiveness than others.

Below are some of the most important and recommended treatment approaches:

• steroid injections
• freezing early keloids with liquid nitrogen

• applying silicone gel sheeting for several months

• laser treatment to reduce redness
• surgery.

Story | By Buay Kapduel Buol – a journalist who has six years of experience in early identification of birth defects and disabling conditions.