Telar Ring Deng’s full bio

The late Telar Ring Deng |Photo: Courtesy

Telar Ring Deng is a South Sudanese politician who served as an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of South Sudan to the Russian Federation. He has also equally presented credentials to several other mission; states key among them the Republic of Turkmenistan, the Democratic Republic of Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan amongst others.

Telar Ring Deng was born in Yirol, in the Greater Lakes State in 1956. In his early days, his intelligence and potential were evident and his father elected not to waste this potential and enrolled him into school and led to a blistering professional life during the civil strife within South Sudan.

He graduated from Panekar Secondary School in 1978 before enrolling for a Bachelor’s Degree, Political Science and Anthropology at the prestigious Stony Brook University where he graduated from with top honours in 1981. He further gained admission at Buckingham University in 1982 to undertake a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

His journey at the university was however cut short in 1984 as he had to join the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) in the struggle for the liberation of the then Southern Sudan. However, in 1993, he returned back to the University, completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Law and further enrolled for a Master’s Degree in Law, LL.M and graduated in 1995. He is currently pursuing a further Master’s Degree in Law, LL.M.

Upon joining the SPLM/A in 1984, Telar Ring Deng was appointed a 1st Lieutenant from where he began his active participation to emancipate his citizenry from the brazen dictatorial regime they had borne the brunt of. As a result of his diligence, a year since his joining the struggle movement he was promoted to the rank of Captain from where he studiously served the movement for 6 years. In 1991, he was then promoted to an alternate Commander for 7 years before promoted to Commander in 1998.

In 2005 upon signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the ranking system changed and Telar Ring Deng was subsequently promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. In August 2010, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and backdated to 2009. To this day, he is still a member of both the movement and army.

In 1999, Telar Ring Deng worked under the then New Sudan Council of Churches as a People-to-People (PtP) peace facilitator. He played a critical role in what is now referred to as the Wunlit Peace Process spearheaded by the church regarding the role of the churches in bringing about peace. He successful held this position 4 years from whereupon he was appointed to head the legal department at Pact Kenya in 2004.

Upon signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005 and formation of the Government of National Unity, Telar Ring Deng was subsequently appointed as State Minister at the Presidency of the Republic of Sudan; a position he held till 2007 when he was replaced.

In 2010, he was appointed Governor of Lakes State. In the 3 months he was governor, Telar Ring Deng was credited to have made such a substantial impact that reverberated across the state and his actions incidentally are still felt today. His grace, candour and diligence as the caretaker governor are often referred to whenever holders of the said office perform contrary to expectation.

After the 2010 elections, Telar Ring Deng was appointed as Legal Advisor to the President of the then Southern Sudan and Vice President of Sudan; a position he continued to serve in after the secession and creation of the new Republic, the Republic of South Sudan.

Due to his diligence, in 2013, the President of the Republic of South Sudan saw it fit to appoint him as the Minister of Justice in order for him to spearhead the much needed Constitutional reforms. However, due to his well-documented hard stance on corruption, those considered as the benefactors who pilfered the public purse dry coalesced around individuals behind very unfortunate allegations that Telar Ring Deng did not possess the relevant academic qualification.

Despite getting written confirmation from the various universities he attended, the National Legislative Assembly declined to approve his name as a Minister however he continued in his service as an advisor to the President.

In October 2015, he was subsequently appointed an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of South Sudan to the Russian Federation with the status of a Deputy Minister; a position he resigned from on 25th January 2018.

Telar Ring Deng resigned from the SPLM in February 2020 and Joined the SPLM-IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar. He was nominated as a member of the Revitalized Transitional National Legislative assembly. He was a staunch believer in the SPLM-IO ideologies’ and believed in this country so much.

Telar Ring Deng has fervently been engrossed in the growth and development of South Sudan. He has played critical roles at different junctures of its young history and his indelible mark is firmly established in the annuls of South Sudan’s history.

The Lion has Roared and will continue to Roar

Biography extended to Thessherald by Telar Ring Deng’s family.