Kiir constitutes committee to probe into inter-communal violence in Jonglei state

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit signing a document | Photo: File

June 23, 2020 (Thessherald)–South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit has issued a Republican order, constituting a High-Level Committee to investigate the ongoing circles of ethnic violence between the Murle and Lou Nuer communities in Jonglei State.

The new committee will be headed by the Vice President, James Wani, deputized by Daniel Awet Akot, Presidential Advisor on Military Affairs.

The 13-member Committee, made up of representatives from the feuding communities, was given 21 days to finalize its report and submit it to the president.

South Sudan’s Jonglei state has been one of the areas engulfed in widespread intercommunal violence exacerbated by cattle rustling and rampant child abduction.

Lou youth’s leadership condemns attacks carried out by the Murle, calls for accountability

Press Statement

May 16, 2020 (Thessherald)–The Lou Youth’s leadership strongly condemn the attack carried by the Murle armed Youth around 5:00 AM this morning. The Murle armed Youth have been attacking the Lou Nuer community since 1947 up to today, this kind of behavioral style is against humanity and has really caused a great damage to Lou Nuer community and their neighbors (communities ).

We, the Lou Youth call upon the National Government to intervene on the current situation, created by the Murle armed Youth’s barbarian act and we also urge the Government of South Sudan to condemn and take a serious action about why, Gen. David Yau Yau leaves the national duties for an Intel-communal fights, as most of the international body and the people of South Sudan witnessed his huge mobilization of the Murle armed Youth to carry out offensive act against the Lou Nuer Community and other communities, which has resulted to today’s gun down of Uror county in Jonglei State.

The attackers are using heavy machine guns that made us to believe the Murle have modernized the system of warfare, showing that they are getting support somewhere, hence killed a large number of innocent people including, elderly, women, children, and raided herd of cattle’s and abducted unknown number of children& women.

The Villages which fall under attacks this morning are; Pieri, Guanchat, Dhorganwel, wunbil, Goakgoak, Motot, Jokrial, Thoardiok, Payai and Pamai all are burned down. Therefore, we are arguing the authority of Greater Pibor to emphasize on this matter, since there are many peace conferences conducted between the Murle and the Lou Nuer community to stop the ongoing conflict and it has failed due to lack of commitment from the Murle community leaders.

‘We’re hailed as heroes on battlefields, but forgotten during peacetime,’ Lou Nuer blasts Machar

(Thessherald)–Lou Nuer Community Association in Nairobi, Kenya has issued a strongly worded statement, condemning and decrying recent unfair allocation of ministerial portfolios to other sub-clans of the Nuer tribe by the leadership of the SPLM-IO.

Below is the statement issued by the Lou Nuer community following the appointment of the cabinet ministers.

Rejection of Weak Docket Allocated to Lou-Nuer And Imbalance of Other Nuer Subsections In Appointment

“In reference to the aforementioned subject, Lou Nuer Community Association in Kenya decries and regrets the light and almost no ministry given to them Under SPLM/A-IO. This is the ignorance of the highest order and the community cannot and will not accept the docket for countless reasons that only few can be mentioned to ease the readership, time and space. Lou Nuer community has been experiencing marginalization from Dr Riek for many decades.”

We cannot be watching the abandonment of this community after massive support was given to IO. We have realized that Lou Nuer are preferred as front line by Dr. Riek Machar but he does not consider them as end-users of movement success.

We lost Dong and Koang Rambang for being IO supporters but as appointment comes, the deceased’s families are not even remembered anywhere or in whatsoever case.To bring you to what ought to be done if we meant well for the movement, Lou Nuer community deserves to be given Petroleum as to compensate them of their denied complains in 2016.

Therefore in the short note, as a community we observed the following mistakes [made] by Dr. Riek Machar against the Lou Nuer community and the Nuer community at large:

  1. Dr. Reik Machar appointed Aggrey’s wife and did not say or reward Dong and Gatdet Dak families.
  2. To ease the equal distributions of positions in 10 Lou Nuer community demanded that, Angelina Teny Should only server at the capacity of the 2nd Lady of the Republic of South Sudan and her docket falls to Greater Jikany Eastern Nuer.
  3. Lou Nuer community must be given nothing less but Petroleum and failure to do so will lead to the shift of community support from 10 without any bargains.

In addition to all, Lou Nuer are calling up on Peter Manawa Gatkuoth Gual not to take oaths in that Ministry of Water and irrigation and we are recalling him back to the community till the community settle with the 10 leadership.

On the same note, we would also like to seize this opportunity to give vote of thanks and acknowledge the recognitions given to Lou Nuer community by other oppositions for instance FPDS in person Of Hon. John Luke Jok Minister for EACA and SSOA in person of Hon.Denay Jok Chagor Minister for General education and instruction.

We say congratulations and we have welcome the huge contribution you guys brought home eventually. To You Lou Nuer, You need to be vigilant this time round and as a community, we must cease from blind support and we support movements with returns by the end of the day unlike what IO has done to Lou Nuer community.

In conclusion, if any position is given to Lou Nuer, Lou Nuer elders Like Late Gabriel Yoal, John Luke Jock, 1st Lt Simon Gatwech Dual, Gen Chot Riek Pathot and Peter Bol Kong. These are people who know how Lou Nuer things are shared amongst themselves.

Regardless of their affiliations, we believe peaces have come and if so, consulting the said elders could not be an offence but could only save the movement from blames. NB: It must be very dear that if Dr Riek Machar Pays deaf hears to this community demand, let him forget Lou Nuer votes and it is explicit that Lou Nuer is a No go zone (Not political backyard again).

Breaking: MSF scales down its operations in Pibor, as thousands flee for their lives

Press Release | MSF

(Thessherald)–Following the current outbreak of violence in Jonglei State and the Greater Pibor Administrative area of South Sudan, thousands of people have fled for their lives and are seeking refuge inside the United Nation’s Protection of Civilians (PoC) site in Pibor town. Our teams have treated over 28 wounded in the last two weeks in in our primary healthcare centre in Pibor town.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) continues to receive some wounded in Pibor, many are arriving in other health facilities, and many more are likely to have been unable to reach a health centre.

At the same time, MSF has suspended activities in our two primary healthcare units in the towns of Gumuruk and Lekongole – which have been abandoned by the population fleeing the clashes – and we are focusing our efforts on addressing the most urgent needs in Pibor.

“We received information from the community at 2:00 a.m. that we needed to leave immediately” says Nassam*, a resident from Lekongole recently displaced with his family. “We walked the whole night and by 4:00 p.m. the next day we arrived in Pibor. On the road there were many children and women. When we ran, we left everything as I had to carry my father. I was even robbed of my clothes and some small money on journey to Pibor.”

Limited access to healthcare and necessities

MSF is providing life-saving medical assistance in the PoC and has set up an emergency room for patient triage and stabilization. A delivery room and a referral system for those in need of surgery is also in place. “We are seeing a high number of malaria, pneumonia, measles, and weapon wounds cases,” says Lojana Augustino Ngorok, MSF Clinical Officer in Pibor. “The wounded are hard to treat here, and some need referral to Juba for more intensive care.”

The population currently has very limited access to most necessities like water, food, shelter and latrines. Our teams are working on reinforcing the water, sanitation and hygiene conditions for the displaced people.

With only the 8 latrines that the MSF team managed to build so far, the situation of the over 5000 estimated people seeking safety inside the PoC site remains disastrous and will get worst as more people come in. Thousands more have fled into the bush.

‘Prepare for all-out war,’ Yau Yau warns Lou Nuer

(Thessherald)–The former Chief Administrator of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, David Yau has been furious at the ongoing attacks carried out on his community by hundreds of armed men predominantly from the Lou Nuer and Dinka community and warned of all-out war if the violence is not contained.

“Obviously they [attackers] are being ordered to wipe the Murle off the face of the earth. But the Murle is united and strong, they will resist and fight in self-defense, and if this violence does not stop, it will eventually lead to all-out war and they should now prepare for it.”

David Yau Yau is the acting Chief Administrator of the Pibor Administrative Area.

He was also the head of the Murle rebel group that had been fighting the government until 2013.

The Murle and the Lou Nuer community have been engaged in a cycle of violence fueled by cattle raids and child abductions.

South Sudan has been mired in a deadly conflict, however, while the political violence has largely subsided following the signing of the peace agreement in September 2018, inter-communal clashes have persisted, killing the civilian population.