In South Sudan, a soldier’s monthly wage cannot buy a chicken

Years of bloody conflict have crippled the country’s economy, exposing soldiers to an extremely difficult situation with their families as their monthly salaries cannot even buy a chicken.

According to an independent report obtained by Thessherald, a private soldier in the military earns about 1,200 South Sudanese pounds per month, equivalent to less than $4, making it the lowest paid army in the world.

Sometimes, they resort to doing odd jobs for a living as their monthly wages, which are supposed to be paid regularly, come once in a blue month.

South Sudan descended into conflict in mid-December 2013, after President Salva Kiir accused Dr. Machar of plotting a military coup against his administration – sparking deadly violence between forces on ethnic lines.

In September 2018, the Parties signed R-the ARCSS, aimed at restoring peace in the country. However, the ongoing deteriorating humanitarian situation along with other underlying factors continues to paralyze the economy.

Last week, the Ministry of Defense, Angelina Jany Teny admitted that lack of funding derails efforts to graduate the first batch of the Necessary Unified Forces.