“Rescue SPLM from Wani Igga,” Mundari community tells Kiir

August 2, 2020 (Thessherald)–Members of the Mundari community have sent an open letter to President Kiir, asking him to urgently dismiss Vice-President James Igga from the Vice Presidency.

In an open letter seen by The South Sudan Herald, the community elders said they had lost faith in Wani Igga and that they have no choice but to withdraw their support from him.

“Your Excellency, We are extremely glad as Mundari community to write to your honorable office this historical letter informing you of our inner-most state of affairs and a need to rescue SPLM from James Wani Igga in Equatoria region,” the group said in an open letter.

Theme: Withdrawal of political and social support from H.E. James Wani Igga (chief of Lobonok, Lotole) by the Mundari comnunity and a call for his removal from vice presidency and deputy chairmanship of the SPLM.

“In conformity with the theme of the letter, we begin by asking who is James Wani Igga? –He is a selfish myopic political figure who made his way to the top of the country’s leadership through trickery, selfishness and other related vices. Igga took the advantage of liberation struggle to exploit Mundari community as a ladder to the top.”

The community leaders said that Wani Igga had no political influence on the Mundari community and that he came to power in the name of representing the community during the liberation struggle.

“Mr. Igga to the knowledge of many was brought up by Mundari community, for instance, the SPLA Shakuch battalion which established genuine presence of SPLA/M in Equatoria region of the then Southern Sudan was mainly manned by members of Mundari from Equatoria, it was commanded by him despite the fact that he came late and met them in the bush.”

“Igga deceived the innocent Mundari sons and daughters that he was a big figure of greater Equatoria in the bush who should be accorded necessary respect and attention such that our real enemies do not marginalise us, he used the jargon real enemies to refer to Dinka in order to replenish any perceived dwindling political strength and fame among the Mundari as a means of falsely keeping Mundari community loyalty.”

“Mr Igga shouldn’t claim to be representing Equatoria any more since he is not qualified to represent Lobonok let alone more than that. In 2010 general elections chief of lobonok decided to run in Juba constituency number one purposely to avoid humiliating defeat for he was fully aware of the fact that many people in Lobonok would not vote for him.”