4 women rescued as Murle armed men go on kidnapping spree in Ethiopia

Four women rescued from the Murle armed men who crept into the Ethiopian territory | Photo: Unknown

June 14, 2020 (Thessherald)–At least four women have been rescued by local youth after an armed group from the Murle tribe of South Sudan went on kidnapping spree in Nyinyang, a border area between South Sudan and Ethiopia.

“The local youths were able to pursue the kidnappers as soon as they obtained information from the authorities that a group of armed men from the Murle tribe had carried out an attack on innocent women,” said Chuol Bhandak, a community elder interviewed by our reporter on Sunday.

Murle communities are known for their endless kidnapping, cattle rustling, senseless killing and hostile behavior towards other neighboring communities.

This is not the first time that the Murle has carried out attacks on Ethiopian citizens.

In 2016, an armed group from the Murle infiltrated across South Sudan and Ethiopia border, killing more than 200 Ethiopian citizens and kidnapping hundreds of children.

Murle communities flee into the bush, fearing possible ethnic cleansing

A group of armed men from the White Army, a civil defense force fighting alongside the main armed opposition group | Photo: File

June 13, 2020 (Thessherald)–Thousands of people from the Murle ethnic group are reported to have fled into the bush for fear of being massacred by their neighboring communities in retaliatory attacks.

Last week, a group of youth from the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, sounded the alarm calling on IGAD and the international community to do everything in their power to prevent mass killings in the region.

“The Youth Union of GPAA would like to inform the nation and the world that there was ongoing mobilization that has been done at the level of higher leadership of SPLM /SPLA-IO from Dinka Bor and Nuer leaders and part of SSDPF commanders that they have mobilized Lou Nuer and Dinka Bor communities to carry massive attack on Murle land,” the group said on Tuesday.

The group alleged that the attackers were heavily armed by the government to wipe the Murle off the face of the earth.

“The aforementioned communities got military supplies from mechanized division’s commander and division eight’s deputy commander for them to attack Murle community. For decades now, Dinka Bor leaders, intellectuals youths, Law makers and other social groups in their community always use to say that they want to wipe away Murle community out of GPAA land.”

“According to their mentality of superiority, Murle community does not deserve the land which it,s inhabiting currently, but Dinka Bor deserves it. For this purpose, Dinka Bor uses other communities as Nuer, Jie, Kachippo, Anyuak and other communities including governments soldiers to fight for them to liberate GPAA land for them.”

“In February-17-2020 the same communities namely Dinka Bor, Lou Nuer and Jie carried attack on Murle land from three directions, Lou Nuer from the northern direction, Dinka Bor from western direction of the area and Jie also carried several attacks from the eastern side of the area, In this allied attacks, Lou Nuer and Dinka Bor have taken nine hundred and seventy five children and women (975) and 60,000 heads of cattle.”

South Sudan has been beset by a wave of inter-communal violence, exacerbated by numerous factors. The United States last week called on the coalition government to form the state governments as soon as possible.