Vice-President Rebecca Nyandeng tests positive for COVID-19

Vice-President for Gender and Youth Cluster, Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior tests positive for COVID-19 | File

South Sudan’s Vice-President for Gender and Youth Cluster, Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus upon arrival from Nairobi, Kenya, her office announced on Thursday.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, the Executive Director in the office the office of the Vice-President, Chaat Paul Nul, confirmed that the South Sudanese official is in stable condition are being quarantined at home.

According tO the World Health Organization (WHO), from 3 January 2020 to March 17, 2021, there have been 9,613 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 104 deaths in South Sudan.

Nyandeng was appointed last year as Vice-President for Gender and Youth Cluster in accordance with the implementation of the 2018 Peace Agreement.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Health and the National Task-Force on COVID-19 issued a statement extending the ongoing partial lockdown until April 3 as a countermeasure to curb the spread of coronavirus cases in the country.

Government to impose heavy fines on Covidiots

As citizens continue to flout Covid-19 measures, the National Task-Force on COVID-19 has announced heavy fines for anyone who doesn’t comply with the strict guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization.

So far, the Coronavirus has claimed more than 100 lives, forcing the Ministry of Health and the National Task-Force on COVID-19 to impose additional lockdowns as preventive measures to counter the spread of the virus.

Press Statement

New Restrictions and Penalties to Enforce Public Compliance with Measures to Reduce COVID-19 Spread

Whereas, the COVID-19 has been declared as a Pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Taskforce on Coronavirus Pandemic issued the Public Order No. 01/2021 dated 3 February 2021 to effect the partial lockdown measures, which will remain in force up to the 3rd March 2021.

Whereas, to enforce the National COVID-19 Guidelines and partial lockdown measures, the National Taskforce has considered it necessary to take further measures to prevent wider spread of COVID-19 across the country.

In view of the above, the National Taskforce is hereby once again putting in place the following measures:

• Extending the partial lockdown for additional one month starting from 3nd March to 3rd April 2021, subject to review.

• Warning the Public to stop receiving dead bodies in numbers at the airport, receptions and burials. This should only be attended to by not more than twenty immediate relatives:

• Only authorized health facilities are allowed to use the approved antigen- based rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) for screening purposes. Meanwhile, interested facilities are advised to apply to the NTF for authorization.

• Warning all the public and private health facilities not to admit any COVID- 19 patient or suspect. They should instate alert the Public Health Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) by calling free toll, 6666;

• Directing Juba City Council and other town municipal councils to ensure that traders, hotels, customers and the general public comply with environmental cleaning, hygiene and sanitation, COVID-19 Guidelines and lockdown measures; and

• Directing Civil Aviation administration to assign more personnel to enforce COVID-19 measures at the entrance and within the airport to ensure all travelers comply with civil aviation safety and COVID-19 protocols.

The National Taskforce issues this Order to effect the following restrictions and measures for enforcing the COVID-19 protocols and partial lockdown measures in force, along with other South Sudan Panel Code 2008 that shall be applicable on whoever:

(a) Violates the guidelines banning funeral rites, reception, transport and burial of dead bodies.

(b) Does not comply with infection prevention and control measures at public places such as health facilities, airports, markets, hotels, restaurants, shops, tea places, public and private institutions,

(c) Transports people in public or private vehicles, boda-bodas and rakshas (rickshas) at more than half-capacity.

(d) Does not wear facemasks and observe social distancing measures in public places, vehicles, boda-bodas and rakshas (rickshas).

(e) Crew or passenger does not comply with precautionary measures at bus stations, airports, riverports and borders.

(f) Smuggles persons across borders or helping with illegal entry in to South Sudan territories.

(g) Does not comply with closure of learning institutions, sports activities, social events, places of worship, bars, nightclubs or other places that attract gatherings

(h) Disseminates false information or data on social media or misinformation related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

South Sudan toughens restrictive measures as COVID-19 cases surge

South Sudan has toughened restrictive measures amid an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases, the Chairman of the National Task-Force on COVID-19, Hussein Abdelbaggi, announced on Wednesday.

“Due to the recent surge in COVID-19 Pandemic in the Country and around the globe, and as precautionary measures for all public and private sectors, the National Taskforce on COVID-19 is hereby putting in place the following Measures:

• 1) Ban of all social gatherings such as sporting events, religious events including Sunday Church Prayers, “Salat Al Juma” -Mosque Prayers, funerals, weddings ceremonies and political events;

• 2) Closure of all pre-schools, schools, Universities and all other institutions of learning except elasses scheduled for examinations with observations of striet protective measures;

• 3) Both private and public sectors to make provision to allow the non- essential staff to stay home on a paid leave or alternate their staff in shifts;

• 4) Closure of all businesses, which attract crowds such as; shisha stalls, bars, nightclubs, day parties, betting, cards and dominos. Meanwhile, Restaurants and tea places must strictly adhere to Covid-19 measures otherwise, failure to do so they can be closed;

• 5) Limiting bus and taxi passenger load to half capacity, restricting Raksha to two passengers and Bodaboda to cargo transport of strictly one person as long as there is a mask;

• 6) All the incoming passengers flights must have COVID-19 free test certificates;

• 7) Council of Ministers shall conduct only extra ordinary meetings with strict protective measures;

• 8) Strict mandatory wearing of facemask, strict social distancing and avoid handshake;

• 9) Airports and flights country wide shall observe strict adherence to COVID-19 measures;

• 10) All the Uniformed forces must strictly follow COVID-19 measures and finally, the National Taskforce instructs the law enforcement Agencies to take immediate action to impose the order as of today, 3rd February, 2021;

• 11) These measures shall last for a period of one month from the 3rd of February to 3rd of March, 2021 but subject to review.”

• 12) The National Taskforce on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic remains seized of the situation.

Signed By:

H.E. Hussein Abdelbagi Akol Vice President of the Repnblic of South Sudan and Chairman of the National Taskforce on COVID-19