Save Nilepet at the hands of the world’s most corrupt Managing Director

Managing Director of Nilepet, Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel | File

Opinion | Tong Deng Ariath 

Dear general public, kindly be informed that your public institution, Nilepet under M.D Bol Ring Muorwel has been in the spotlight on the corruption scandal since last month prior to his departure for Dubai.

As a watchdog organization, the South Sudan Anti-corruption Forum (SSACF) dedicated its life to educate masses on how public offices are being run by office holders. It is also our request to you who is reading this article to speak up against corruption and corrupt official as common fight against common enemy

Dear public,

• 1. On 17th Feb. 2021, Managing Director Bol Ring conducted a meeting with his closest home area fellows after hearing news that he would be fired before April 2021. In the meeting they agreed that;

• There should be more employment to twic Mayardit people since Eng. Bol Ring is soon exiting the company which was immediately implemented last weeks after He left for Dubai. He arranged the list of 36 people to be employed and ordered human resource manager to call them to sign their permanent contracts which was perfectly done.

• 2. Managing Director swindled 3.7 million USD more in pretext of purchasing corporation cars and computers and used this money to build luxurious apartment in Thongpiny residential area. In case someone would not agree, come and ask one of the marginalized staff of Nilpet Company to take you to where this apartment is, that will be the day you will run mad looking at your current status and the recent status Bol Ring Muorwel equated his life into.

• 3. Bol Ring the Managing Director has opened up 3 shops of gas and gas cylinders in juba diverting some gas from Nilepet corporation to his shops. This open corruption at public institution should not be tolerated

• 4. Managing Director has signed a contract with one of Somalian company for money transfer to be investing staff salary of Nilepet for two weeks before paying it. That’s why the staff did not get the salary for last month until now.

• 5. MD Bol Ring Muorwel is aware to be on his last days as boss of Nilepet and because of that, he swept 35 million USD from the treasury of corporation as you all know from our previous article. This is do or die game of corruption.

• 6. Managing Director of Nilpet Company Eng Bol Ring Muorwel introduced a system that staff would be seeing him in the office only when one has a testing certificate of Coronavirus Free. This has been used as an advantage to him so that other staff not related to him would not be seeing him but being only visited on frequent basis by his relatives working in the Nilpet Company.

• 7. He (Eng. Bol), recently accused his private secretary over of how the accurate news of his office and house go out to the public. It was a serious disagreement and quarrel that left his private secretary being sacked from his official duties and position but replaced by Osman Bol who vowed to the Nilpet Company Managing Director of protecting Eng.’s interest.

• 8. Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel is on high speed of increasing coruption after having officially received the bad news from the office of the president that he would not spend more months again as his corruption case has been properly registered in presidency. He moved and recruited 27 members from Wun-rok Payam of Twic County, Warrap State. They were the known fishermen around Lol river of Twic County and they are from his clan Padhieu.

Dear Excellency,
Destroying a nation does expect someone to storm the nation with guns but with the highest corruption, that amounts to bring the status and the image of the country down as the country’s economy cripples when million and billions of dollars and South Sudanese pounds are being pocketed by the individuals powerful generals and other lines of blood related manipulation and exploitation of humans.

We are telling you that Bol is corrupting the public resources and you are keeping quiet, how would wish your people to speak to you? Not everyone that has an access to your office but public or masses can still find you through media.

Just take Bol Ring Muorwel out and appoint other competent Engineer as there are many in the country. Bol has made enough corruption that can’t be tolerated at all. We informed you of what public is not happy with and we expect your cooperation.

The writer is the President of the South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum.

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald. Should you wish to submit your opinion piece or analysis, kindly contact us at:

Eng. Bol Ring is the Most Corrupt Managing Director in Nilepet’s History

Managing Director of Nilepet Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel | Courtesy Photo

Opinion | By Elizabeth Achan Ring

In Dinka Culture, whenever you see a thief stealing a public or individual’s property and you keep quiet without reporting the case to the owner of the property, you the onlooker is termed a thief due to your failure to report the case. To relate this to the ongoing rampant corruption in Nilepet under the incumbent Managing Director Eng. Bol Ring.

I felt concerned to enlighten and aware the public on the diversion of their petrodollars by Bol Ring and his good boys. Bol Ring and his loyalists have emptied the bank account of Nilepet. There is neither a single pound nor a single dollar in the Nilepet’s account at the time of writing article. Bol Ring transferred all the cash to his personal account and used some money for purchasing personal assets such as a Villa in Kampala, an estate in Gurei, Juba, a furnished house or apartment in Juba etc.

He recently bought four new brand V8s at 120, 000 dollars each, which he cashed out from the company account. He cashed out 120,000 dollars and order another V8 from Dubai. The vehicle is on the way from Dubai. Bol Ring took 12 millions dollars in advance from DPOC, SPOC, and GPOC in case he is removed from the position of Managing Director.

He also took fuel from suppliers at the amount of 35 millions dollars and sold it in the black market without paying the suppliers. The country is currently facing shortage of fuel because Bol Ring has sold the fuel meant for public use, in the black market. All the fuel depots are empty. The government institutions have fun shortage of fuel and sometimes they buy fuel from the black market.

In addition to the above, Bol Ring Muorwel is a naturally born sectionalist, tribalist and clanist. Bol Ring has hijacked the duties of Director General, human resource manager, finance manager, procurement manager etc. In less than six months in the office, Bol succeeded in recruiting over one hundred relatives. The worse thing is that majority of Bol’s relatives whom he recruited into Nilepet are mere illiterate who never stepped their feet near any school compound. Bol Ring transported many of them from cattle camps in village to Juba and contracted them in high grades as well as assigning them in sensitive departments in Nilepet. I have compiled their names and I will soon publish them in the media.

Lastly, Bol Ring is a potential criminal who should be sentenced to life imprisonment. I don’t know the kind of culture which Bol Ring and his good boys have adopted. None of the 64 cultures of South Sudan condone corruption or any malpractices. Neither the Bible nor Quran tolerate corruption.

This means Bol Ring is a naturally born thief and that’s why he will die as a corrupt man. Bol Ring should be tried in the court of law and sentenced to life imprisonment in order to be an exemplary to the rest of corrupt individuals in South Sudan. Leaving Bol Ring and his relatives to corrupt the public resources in broad daylight, serves as an encouragement of the corruption in the country.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese who lives in the capital Juba, South Sudan.

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald. Should you wish to submit your opinion piece or analysis, kindly contact us at:

NILEPET M.D. Bol Ring is hard-working man, surrounded by illiterate gluttons

Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel, Managing Director of Nilepet | Photo: Courtesy

By Stephen Gatluak Gatdet

Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel is an engineer by profession. He has unquestionable experiences in the oil sector due to the facts that he held senior positions in the Nile Petroleum Corporation Limited (Nilepet) since its establishment. The Nilepet employees had a false theory that Bol Ring would implement a reform agenda after he was appointed as Managing Director in the late 2020.

During the leadership of the former visionary Managing Director Dr. Chol Deng Thon, the South Sudanese were misinformed by the enemies of progress that he ( Dr Chol) was corrupt or sectionalist. The same people later relealized that Chol’s successor was the real sectionalist and corrupt leader after the relieve of Chol.

After President Salva Kiir relieved Dr. Chol and replaced him with Bol Ring. The entire South Sudanese as well as the employees of Nilepet, thought that Bol would be better than Dr Chol. The public was expecting Eng. Bol Ring to implement the reform agenda and to eradicate the corruption, nepotism etc. To surprise the staffs, Eng. Bol Ring first promoted his relatives and good boys whom he recruited into Nilepet when he was a president of Nile Drilling, to high grades and appointed them in key positions. He promoted his own nephew and appointed him as a Chief Accountant in the Nilepet.

He appointed his good boy and relative Mariak Martin Manyiel as his office manager. To compare Dr Chol with Bol Ring. The office manager of Dr. Chol was from Bor and the chief accountant during his leadership was from Twic. The current office manager to Bol Ring is from his community Twic and his relative. The current Chief accountant is his nephew and from Twic too.

After assigning his relatives and good boys in key positions, Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel went back to his village and brought in his relatives , some of whom were mere cattle keepers and fishermen at Wunrock River. He brought more 25 relatives from the village and employed them in Nilepet. The grave mistake which Bol Ring did was that he only employed his blood relatives ( Padhieu and their in-laws) and excluded the rest of sections in Twic Mayardit Community. Bol Ring sidelined and marginalized all the sons of Twic from different sections who were already working in Nilepet.

The rest of sections in Twic Mayardit who are being excluded from enjoying the petrodollars by Bol Ring Muorwel decided to launch a full scale war against Bol and his clan Padhieu plus their in-laws. To be sincere, the current war in Nilepet is between Marginalized Twic Sections against Bol Ring and his relatives. Twic Mayardit Community is the one fighting itself in Nile Petroleum Corporation Company Limited. The rest of South Sudanese tribes haven’t yet launched the war against the Bol Ring.

Eng. Bol Ring is an experienced and hard-working engineer who would have completely reformed the Nile Petroleum Corporation Company Limited if he would haven’t applied the discriminative and corrupt policies.

It would have been better if Bol Ring have surrounded himself with the competent and hard-working people rather than the mere illiterate fishermen and cattle keepers. I am appealing to President Salva Kiir Mayardit to immediately dismiss Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel and appoint any competent person from the rest of communities except Twic Mayardit.

We should not allow Twic Mayardit to fight themselves over what doesn’t belong to them. Twic Mayardit has no oil in its land and they are very luck to be given the position of Managing Director of Nilepet.

The writer is a concerned citizen. He can be reached via

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald.

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Kiir urged to fire NILEPET Director Eng. Bol Ring over corruption, nepotism

Current Managing Director of the Nile Petroleum Corporation, Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel |Photo: File

A group of whistleblowers, South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum (SSACF) has called on President Salva Kiir to fire the Managing Director of the state-owned NILEPET, Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel over rampant corruption and nepotism.

In an open letter addressed to President Kiir, the group exposed widespread misappropriation and nepotism in the Nile Petroleum Corporation Company under the leadership of Mr. Bol Ring.

“Your Excellency [President Salva], South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum would like to bring to your attention the malpractices that are taking place in Nile Petroleum Corporation under the leadership of Eng. Ring Muorwel. “Bol is an hyena in sheep’s clothing.” Our leadership is fully aware of Bol’s plan to loot the Nile Petroleum Corporation Ltd under the cover of reform.

“We think that it is our responsibility to enlighten you on the massive looting of public resources by the managing director of Nilepet,” the group said in a press statement extended to Thessherald.

“Nilepet Petroleum Corporation Ltd is a national oil company that has a well defined human resource policies entrusted with the recruitment of staffs. The Human Resource Department in Nilepet was functional at the time of the previous Managing Directors. Unfortunately, the roles and duties of human resource department were recently hijacked by the incumbent Nilepet MD Bol Ring through his Nephew Ring Charles Mayen. Upon taking over the roles of Managing Director, Bol Ring began implementing his vision of employing all the members of his Padhieu Clan as well as In laws.

“In less than two weeks in office, he [Bol Ring] recruited more than 70 members of his clan ( Padhieu) together with in-laws. To elaborate on this point. Bol Ring brought in more than 30 relatives from the Village (Wunrock) and employed them in high grades probably from grade sixteen to eighteen. Many of his relatives whom he employed are unqualified. After giving them contracts, he assigned all of them in key and luxurious departments in Nilepet. The leadership of South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum compiled all the seventy names of Padhieu Clan members who were recruited into Nilepet by Bol Ring.”

Established under Section 13 (1) of the Petroleum Act 2012, the Nile Petroleum Corporation is charged with overseeing activities in the country’s oil sector and aims to fully control oil production by 2027.

To read the full report click on this link

South Sudan’s Nilepet wants to be an operator by 2022

A local oil worker inspecting oil spills in oilfield

Oct 3, 2020 (Thessherald)–South Sudan’s state hydrocarbon company, Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet), has set a target of 2022, to be a leading and competitive integrated oil and gas corporation of choice in South Sudan and beyond.

“We want to have our own block to operate”, says James Yugusuk, the company’s Director General for Downstream.

“We want to raise world class South Sudanese technical staff and we want to construct four refineries: one in Bentiu, Paloch, Pagak and Thiangrial. All those are producing blocks. We also want to construct depots in major towns in South Sudan which is a very ambitious plan because we need to have strategic reserves.

“We want to extend our retail outlets to all the major towns in South Sudan. We want to have a very robust and highly effective JV and this is for companies and people who are willing to do that. We also want to have a strong footprint in the research and development programmes”.

Starting from 2013, Nilepet started participating in Joint Operating Companies in the country, holding stakes on behalf of the government in these JOCs through which it builds capacity of its staff. Between 2015 and 2018, Nilepet established joint ventures with oil service companies “and we continue to build the capacity of our national staff such that between 2022 and 2027, we’ll become a standalone operator, able to work up and develop hydrocarbon acreages by ourselves.

Nile Delta, for one, is a JV with 51% Nilepet and 49% held by Niger Delta Exploration and Production of Nigeria. “The mandate is to work on gas monetization and production optimization. This JV is also operating in the current producing blocks.

SIPET, for another, is an engineering and construction company which is 80% owned by Nilepet and 20% by QDC, a Chinese Engineering company. The areas of service are project management, consultancy, operation and maintenance. It is working on some of the country’s producing fields.

Nile Drilling is open to any international partner. “It is 90% Nilepet and 10% open to any willing investor”, Yugusuk explains. The specialization is drilling, and work over services.

“Nile Services and Logistic Company is 51% Nilepet and 49% from a local investment group and a South African company”, Yugusuk discloses. “It is into logistics and of course, it is still under development”. Another JV that we have is the Nile-Delta Systems which deals in ICT and it is currently operating and it is 51% Nilepet and 49% ASECCO Polland.

“We have SNP Group which is 30% Nilepet and 70% a Russian company called Sufinat it is working on the Bentiu refinery and it is currently operating. We have Dietsmann Nile S.A Ltd which is 31% Nilepet and 69% Dietsmann Technology which is an Italian company that deals on technology. It is operating.

“Again, we have NIYAT which is 40% Nilepet and 60% Eyat-Sudan. It specializes in road construction and maintenance”.

Source: Africa Oil + Gas Report