Response to lies fabricated by South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum against NilPet’s Director Eng. Bol Ring

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By Marco Mayieb Wundit

Opinion —A bit to give an insight about the lies which were created by enemies of progress on 2nd February 2021, extended to and published as seen trending in a number of social media news outlets, a propaganda that raised the question of creditability of the source claimed in the name of what so called “South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum,” which wrongly addressed and called for the removal of the Managing Director of NilePet Eng.Bol Ring Morwel and in what they called “An Open Letter to the President for the Removal of Eng. Bol Ring Morwel from NilePet”.

This is no business at all! The so called “South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum(SSACF)” is a lies-making organization established with ultra-objectives to assassinate the good characters of Eng.Bol Ring Morwel, the Managing Director of NilePet who is ardently busy day and night for reforms in the oil and gas sector in the Republic of South Sudan.

The said organization is proving itself with so much injurious aims to the public, their illusions to capture the attention of the public with unfounded allegations has provided for, sentiments and many interrogations among South Sudanese intellectuals such as, where are they coming from? What is it established for? Who are they? Where are their offices? And so forth.

These agents who suited themselves in an open lounge are mercenaries hired to fight for their guts, with lest it be satisfied with money.

The South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum is a pseudonym entity operating under the dark shadow with one hand behind the bars waving with something written “Anti-Corruption”, while on the other two hands nursing and breastfeeding the old grown corruption which decides the order of the day in many institutions, what a creature with many hands!

Among these enemies are those who were affected by reform in NilePet and they opted to fight as the only alternate figure to get back their lost incentives and dimes of malpractices which they were fond of.

The labeling of these cheap, toothless and as well the baseless accusations are seriously misplaced and meant to deviate the attention of the public from the reform activities carried out by the Managing Director of NilePet ,Eng.Bol Ring Morwel who is everyday seen making positive changes that will contribute to the revival of economic power of South Sudan soon than later.

Many unfounded arguments as mentioned in their letter of claims seek refuge in their minds to where should such lies be accommodated and especially when they rinse their mouths with words like 50,000 USD, 2,000,000 USD and 1,000,000 USD be given to an employee working in NilePet as a weekly and monthly incentives, this is itself disqualifies the contents of their letter for they do not have knowledge of what is the cash-call for NilePet as a state-owned parastatal. It is a daymare indeed. NilePet does not even have such amount of money to be given to the Managing Director, a higher-ranking officer in charge of all activities of both NilePet, the headquarters itself and its subsidiaries plus Joint Operating Companies such as DPOC, GPOC and others. This is a pure lie.

The same organization so called South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum is an envious entity as seen after they failed to clearly define the basis on which they collected these unfounded allegations which wrongly named individuals as attached to wrong grades who are not even employed in NilePet ,all grade 17th. With wider knowledge of the public that Eng. Bol Ring Morwel, the Managing Director approved and fully included those employees who were placed under special contracts by previous administrations as full time employees with privileges, this development itches the hearts of these enemies in multiple times.

In fact, they are so envious to the sense that; when they see other competent South Sudanese graduates looking for jobs, they subject them to threat of not getting even a daily bread for their lives. Some of these graduates are more qualified to be assigned in any institution.

This South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum is so blind to the degree that, it does not distinguish between the Master’s degree holder and the student who is yet to be awarded the said qualification as it came in their claims mentioning one of the employees working in NilePet whose credentials and titles are in questions to be awarded Master’s degree.

To further give due to where it belongs; Eng.Bol Ring Morwel is a true servant with clear vision and goals to reform the Oil and Gas sector in the country.

Since the appointment of Eng. Bol Ring Morwel as the Managing Director, NilePet has witnessed progress in many areas.

The writer is a concerned South Sudanese, he holds BSC [ in Ac Accounting] from the University of Juba and could easily be reached through these contacts: 0912005956/0926163022 or email:

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Whistleblowers disclose wide-spread corruption in Nilpet

Press Statement | On the rampant corruption in Nilpet under the leadership of Bol Ring Muorwel

Managing Director Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel | Photo: File

The leadership of South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum would like to update the general public and the high leadership of the country, on the ongoing malpractices that are being practiced by the incumbent Managing Director Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel and his relatives.

The SSACF’s leadership is much concerned about the broad daylight looting of the Nilpet’s resources by Bol Ring and his relatives. Eng. Bol Ring unknowingly turned the national company into a clan entity and the public need to take this into consideration.

The top leadership of the country should intervene quickly and rescue the national company from collapsing by firing the corrupt managing director Eng. Bol Ring.
The leadership of South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum (SSACF) made strong research on Nilpet Company surroundings and finally comfiled the following points that you need to intervene so that you liberate the innocent South Sudanese’s resources from being eaten by this man you appointed but turns into Hyena in a broad daylight looting Nilpet resources and hired people to defend him on social media (Deng Emmillo Mou) and many others.

1- The leadership of South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum examined and found that the monthly salary designated for Managing Directors depending who is present as a Managing Director had been an amount of 1300$ with weekly allowance of 1000$. However a designated amount that an Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel refused to abide by but he instead changed his Managing Director’s monthly salary from 1300$ to 50,000$ with a weekly allowance of 70,000$. Which is a clear corruption on the broad daylight. He deserves to be relieved immediately.

2- The salary amount of a cashier in the National Oil Company all these years had been 800$ and an allowance of 300$, but when Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel entered as a Managing Director, he first of all relieved the innocent cashier (Chiek Reech) with his duties and appointed his brother’s son Ring Charles Mayen and changed the cashier’s salary from 800$ to 20,000$ with weekly allowance of 50,000$. Corruption and nepotism in action.

3- He currently bought an unbelievable luxurious building in Sudan Khartoum and he is building or constructing another wonderful tower in Uganda Kampala currently too through brother’s son Ring Charles Mayen who is in charge of all his uncle’s looted country’s resources. And more are yet to happen.

4- The Managing Director Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel rented the house here in juba for 5years with an amount of 3,000,000$. He did this in his arrival to the National Oil Company.

5- He bought 4 cars on his arrival to the company as his own, 1 prado, 2 V8 and 1 Land cruiser.

6- He diverted the company’s employees year bonus Clothes allowance into his private account, he also moves to divert the amount dedicated for Christmas occasion and other important feasts into his account also.

7- He (Managing Director) is planning to buy a cargo plane for the company at an amount of 45,000,000$ which is not an amount of buying when the citizens are hungry, civil servants have no salaries and when government is always on loan from other countries, waging a heavy debt that would have serious implications on the next generations.

With all these evidences, an Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel deserves immediate dismissal and taken for investigation. In this time of the implementation of the Revatlized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan, South Sudanese are keenly checking on you the leaders of the Country to see who doesn’t hear the voices of people across the country, imagine that Bol got appointed recently into this sensitive Country’s position but in less than 6 months, he did all the listed above which is a clear disgraced to the high leadership of the country

Thank you!

Deng Tong Ariath,

President, South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum, Juba, South Sudan