Maiwut MPs demand investigation into the death of 8 civilians in Paloch

Lawmakers representing defunct Maiwut state witness the swear-in ceremony of former Maiwut’s interim legislative assembly on July 16, 2018 / Photo: Thessherald
    By Buay Kapduel 

Members of Parliament representing the now-defunct Maiwut state have issued a statement, demanding an investigation into the killing of unarmed civilians in Paloch by unidentified gunmen last week.

“In the late afternoon of January 15, 2021 (exactly 4:45 p.m.), a group of armed civilians suspected of being members of the White Army of Nyiel Community from the Apadang, Malut County attacked Nuer civilians at the home of a commander identified as Capt. Joseph Dut in Paloch, killing seven, including a woman, and a child and wounding five (5) others, who are currently recuperating after being airlifted to Juba for further medical attention,” said members of Parliament in a statement.

“All the deceased and wounded civilians were preparing to travel to Mathiang, Longechuk County. It’s reported that such an attack was preceded by a community meeting chaired by one of the chiefs after a wrap-up from a rescue mission in Panomdit where a separate incident [had] occurred: cattle raiding by suspected members of the Nuer White Army from Ulang County in Bai-atak village of Nyiel Dinka Padang.”

The three parliamentarians: Hon. Bor Gatwech Kuany, Hon. Mut Chuol Thoa and Hon. Tulith Kong Diu — strongly condemned the latest wave of ethnically targeted violence and called on the relevant authorities to urgently identify the culprits behind this heinous crime.

“As leaders and representatives of the people, we condemn this heinous act and call upon law enforcement entities in Paloich, Maluth County to bring the perpetrators to book. We also call upon authorities in Ulang County to bring to book those criminals who had carried out cattle rustling and triggered this latest revenge killing.”

“We convey our condolences to the bereaved and urge all those affected by this evil act to refrain from taking law into their own hands and leave the authorities to deal with the matter according to the law.

The lawmakers urged both sides to refrain from retaliating against each other as this goes against the spirit of unity and the ongoing implementation of the peace agreement.

“We call upon our two peaceful and neighboring boring boring communities- the Nyiel Dinka Padang and Gajaak Nuer to deal with this isolated incident in a brotherly manner and continue to maintain their peaceful co-existence. Our communities cannot afford to revert back to the painful atrocious war of the last seven years. We must maintain our peace at all cost.”