SSUF/A welcomes new defectors

General Paul Malong Awan| Photo: File

June 18, 2020 (Thessherald)–The South Sudan United Front/Army has welcomed, to its rank and file, new defectors who pledged their allegiance to the movement on Wednesday.

“It is with great pleasure that the South Sudan United Front/Army welcomes to its rank and file the new members who have expressed interest in joining hands with likeminded comrades of this great Movement so as to collectively champion for a better South Sudan,” said Dr. Sunday de John Secretary for ICT Spokesperson the South Sudan United Front/Army.

The rebel faction applauded the new members for taking such a bold decision.

“It requires patriotism, zeal and courage for one to take such a drastic step that aims at changing the trajectory on which our beloved country has been revolving around. It is such a bold stance that would pave way for the re-instatement of the shattered hopes of South Sudanese whose lives have been ruined with the country ravaged by the unending war resulting from the inept leadership of Salva Kiir Mayardit.”

“The sacrifice made to abandon their organizations so as to lend efforts towards effecting the much needed change is commendable. It is in this regard that we wish to acknowledge and with warmth welcome to the Movement these ardent sons of South Sudan registering their membership. It is a pleasure to register the following names in our records,”

  1. Lt. Col. Emmanuel Majur Majak
  2. Mr. Garang Jacob Agany
  3. Mr. Biar Akoi Biar
  4. Mr. Manyok Maketh Ding
  5. Mr. Ayii Tong Ayii
  6. Mr. Jok Ngong Jok

“The aforementioned persons are gentlemen of upright character with inherent valour and are indeed a positive addition to our membership.”

“They are persons of high ranking statuses from different areas of expertise and whose presence in our Movement is worth celebrating. On behalf of the Chairman and on my own behalf, I congratulate you comrades for your decisive and timely decision.”

“We shall pursue this cause together. The resolve to attain the final liberation of South Sudan is on course and vietory is not only in sight but assured.”