Kiir delivers message on New Year’s Eve, pledging to silence the guns in 2021

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit delivers a speech on New Year’s Eve.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit joins the youth during a peace concert organized by Achai Wiir |Photo: © PPU

Fellow citizens,

As we are approaching the year 2021, I would like to convey my new year wishes from Juba to all of you across the country.As I mentioned in my Christmas message, 2020 has been a difficult year.

We were affected by COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to take human lives and exacted economic toll both in our country and across the globe. Our situation has also been worsened by floods, which have destroyed livelihood of thousands of people in our country.

My heart goes out to those who have lost their loved ones to COVID-19 as well as those who are living in hardships as a result of the flood. While overcome by sadness, we should all be encouraged by how you, ordinary people, have maintained social harmony during this crisis.

Fellow citizens,

We did not travel the rough road of the year 2020 alone. We received support from our regional and international partners, and I would like on your behalf, to sincerely thank them for standing with us at our difficult moment.

The Transitional Government of National Unity recognizes the value of partnership with international organizations and donors, and this is why we have unconditionally offered our cooperation for all these years. On the basis of this believe, I am appealing to all our partners to open a new page of mutual recognition in the year 2021.

For the last seven years of conflict, we have heard statements from our international partners that have wilfully ignored South Sudanese leaders, while pledging to work with our people.

We, as the leadership have only been asked us to fulfil our obligations in approving humanitarian access, but these obligations demanded from us seem to have no corresponding rights. The South Sudanese, leadership in this conception has obligations to approve things, but has no rights to be treated as a genuine partner.

Today, I would like to underscore that there are some aspects of our responsibility that require genuine cooperation, especially now the Transitional Government of National Unity is in place. To our partners, there is more to be achieved in our collaborative work by mutual recognition than in a language that undermines.

Fellow Citizens,

I am aware that the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement is moving slowly. This slow progress is not due to lack of political will from the parties, it comes from the fact that the agreement itself did cater for everything.

“This requires the parties to work out these areas through dialogue. While it has taken long, I am pleased to announce that the parties have reached a substantive agreement on responsibility sharing, except for the position of the governor of Upper Nile state.”

This agreement has paved the way for the parties to submit the proposed names of candidates for legislatures and states government officials. Although the announcement of state government officials and the reconstitution of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly, will come in phases, I can assure you that it has already started.

We announced deputy governors yesterday and more announcements are imminent. For this milestone, I would like to congratulate the parties and urge them to use this momentum to quicken the pace of the implementation of the remaining chapters of the agreement. This is because the revitalized peace agreement is the framework for returning our country to permanent stability, and we have no choice other than to implement it faithfully.

Fellow citizens,

While work continues on the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement, we are also engaging Holdout Groups through the Rome Process to make the quest for peace in our country inclusive.

These talks are now progressing under the guidance of Sant’Egidio Community, and I would like to appeal to my brothers and sisters in South Sudan Opposition Alliance to see this as an opportunity to silence the guns in our country.

The Transitional Government of National Unity is committed to Sant’Egidio mediation, and we are hopeful that tangible progress will be achieved in the next round. Fellow citizens, Let us all work to silence the guns in 2021.

This will allow us to focus on directing our resources to national development priorities such as service provision to our people. May this year be the year of peace and hope for us here in South Sudan and for humanity. Stay united and I wish you happy and prosperous new year, and may God bless our country, South Sudan.

Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan

Breaking: Malong surrenders to government delegation in Rome

October 10, 2020 (Thessherald)–The leadership of the South Sudan United Front/Army headed by Paul Malong Awan has reportedly surrounded to Kiir’s delegation in Rome, according to a reliable source at the peace talks.

“Malong surrendered to the government delegation in Rome as he demanded the sacking of the NSS boss as one of his conditions to return to Juba,” the source revealed.

“South Sudan United Front/Army rebels group have surrendered voluntarily to the South Sudanese government delegation in Rome after their Chairman Gen. Paul Malong Awan was booted out of the SSOMA alliance’s first meeting with the government yesterday in Italy,” the source disclosed.

According to another official at the peace talks, Malong and his entourage are negotiating separately with the government delegation in an effort to reach an agreement later today.

The South Sudan United Front/Army – a holdout group has been facing an internal row after the dismissal of its former spokesman, Emmanuel Sunday de John.

Last month, the South Sudan Movements Alliance suspended SSUF/A from the opposition alliance over a breach of communications.

SSUF/A headed by Sunday calls for recognition at Rome peace talks

The Leadership Council of the South Sudan Movements Alliance.
Pagan, Malong and Thomas Cirilo Swaka | Photo design/NAS

(Press Statement)

Sept 30, 2020 (Thessherald)–Dear fellow citizens of South Sudan, I address you today to elaborate on some facts as the Interim Chairman and Commander-In-Chief of the South Sudan United Front /Army (SSUF/A).

When I co-founded the South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) in April 2018, it was established on the principles of nationhood, justice, liberty, mutual respect and freedom for all; and overall, to contribute to the prosperity of our nation, where we the people of South Sudan would play equitable roles in the Nation Building process. These being principles and values that have been so fatally missing in our country since the death of our leader Dr. John Garang De Mabior, the former Chairman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, in July 2005.

The late Dr. John Garang led us during that hard time of liberation, but that did not deter him from being proactive and all rounded. He was a strong advocate for youth in the leadership of their country. In this regard, he even coined the phrase “Seeds of the Nation”.

For far too long, we, the youth of South Sudan, have been undermined and prevented from taking part in the political, economic and military decision-making processes of the future of our country. We have been manipulated to fight and kill each other; and all in the name of others which are our elders. Tragically, the inherent respect that we have been told to have for our elders, has been abused and weaponized against its very own – who are the majority of the population of our country – the young people.

It is for this reason that we must rise above this status (fighting for the elderly) which others have created for us. We have to define our own path; not by trampling on the said elders, but by telling them that we now deserve to be at the forefront too, just as they were 40 and 50 years ago. We can succeed in this if we come together and champion for our space and rights; and shun the tribalism that we have been conditioned to cram and pass on to our younger generations. We are one nation and thus, must have one focus. The hurdles will be overcome through the principle of discernment.

I shall not go into details here regarding what has transpired within SSUF/A as an organization, the time and occasion for that shall come, but I shall just say this now; it is time for all of the youth of South Sudan – regardless of ethnicity, religion and socioeconomic background, to be given a genuine and transparently open platform for them to freely be able to voice exactly what they want to happen with regards to the future of their country.

It is time for the “Seeds of the Nation” to be genuinely heard by everyone. It is time for the youth of South Sudan to have a powerful voice in the affairs of their nation; and therefore, they must be allowed to contribute positively now politically, economically and militarily, and in all sectors of life because they are an integral part of the newest nation. It is time for the youth of South Sudan to bring about that durable peace and change that their political and military elites have been unable to bring about for so long.

As one of the co-founders of the South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A), and now its Interim Chairman, and who represented with dignity and diligence the same organization during the establishment of the South Sudan Opposition Movements Alliance (SSOMA) – and who has never deviated from the values and principles under which these organizations were established – I urge the Community of Sant’Egidio to permit the SSUF/A to attend the upcoming peace talks with the government of South Sudan in Rome, Italy. It is time for the youth of South Sudan to have a say in bringing about peace and stability within their very own land.

God Bless the South Sudan United Front.
God Bless South Sudan.

Dr. Emmanuel Sunday de John.
September 30th, 2020.

Latest: Malong denies being suspended from SSOMA

General Paul Malong Awan,
General Paul Malong Awan, Chairman of SSUF/A |Photo: File

Sept 29, 2020 (Thessherald)–The South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A), a faction led by General Paul Malong, has denied speculative reports, alleging its suspension from the South Sudan Movements Alliance (SSOMA) over a breach of communications.

“Reference to the unsigned document titled “SSOMA-LC Suspends SSUF/A With Immediate Effect” dated 25th September, 2020. SSUF/A would like to Inform its supporters at large, regional and international community as well as the media houses that SSUF/A does not recognise the aforementioned letter to suspend SSUF/A in the Aliance activities,” the statement issued by the SSUF/A partly reads.

“The National Executive Committee of South Sudan United Front/Army hereby considers the letter null and void due to the following reasons. 1. The SSOMA Leadership Committee did not meet and table the issue in their Ordinary LC meeting.”

“If a SSOMA- LO Ordinary meeting was held, Real SPLM, SSNDA and SSUF/A leaders were not present to make a unanimous approval, therefore the majority vote should come from two against one leader in accordance to the Hague Declaration.”

The leadership of SSUF/A denies breaching channels of communication as indicated in the letter reportedly written by the Leadership Council of the South Sudan Movements Alliance (SSOMA-LC)

“The SSOMA-LC members are Gen. Paul Malong Awan, Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka and Gen. Pagan Amum. 2. SSUF/A as a SSOMA member did not breach any communication channel or the spirit of comradeship and trust within the Alliance as indicated in the letter, it is the work of peace spoilers.”

“We assure you that SSUF/A is still an active member of South Sudan Oposition Movement Alliance (SSOMA) and claims by spoilers should be dismissed. South Sudan United Front/Army under the leadership of Gen.Paul Malong Awan is committed to Rome Peace process as part of SSOMA to achieve a sustainable peace through addressing the root causes to the conflict,” the group stated .

Newsflash: SSOMA suspends Malong over communication infringement

Leaders of the S

Sept 26, 2020 (Thessherald)–The Leadership Council of the South Sudan Movements Alliance (SSOMA-LC)- an opposition alliance – has suspended the Chairman of the SSUF/A, General Paul Malong Awan over an infringement of communications.

“The Leadership Council of the South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance Leadership Council (SSOMA-LC) on Friday, September 22 resolved to suspend the activities of the South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) led by Gen Paul Malong with immediate effect,” the group said in an official press release.

“Because of breach of the communication channel of SSOMA and the spirit of comradeship and trust within the Alliance.”


“At this critical juncture of our struggle for [a] peaceful and stable democratic state that is based on the rule of law, SSOMA as an Alliance believes in working together in good faith, mutual trust, integrity, transparency, and openness,” said the SSOMA in its press release.

The move comes days after the Chairman of the SSUF/A, Gen. Paul Malong, had fired spokesman Mr. Sunday de John for allegedly disclosing classified documents to President Kiir.

In response to the allegations, the former Spokesperson accused Gen Paul Malong and his group of secretly seeking separate talks with the Kiir administration in Juba.

“I objected to the move and told that it is not good for the movement to have two peace forums. I said the Rome peace forum is the best because we are part of SSOMA and it has international standards.”

Emmanuel Sunday De John

In a separate news development, the dismissed spokesperson, Sunday De John, today, 26 September 2020, announced the suspension of Malong and declared himself as the interim Chair of the South Sudan United Front.

“In a sitting by members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the South Sudan United Front/Army on September 23 rd, 24th 25th, 2020 it was resolved that Gen. Paul Malong Awan’s role as Chairman and Commander-In-Chief of the South Sudan United Front/Army is terminated effective immediately,” said Emmanuel Sunday De John in a new declaration document extended to the South Sudan Herald.