GBU wins against D3 FC in a friendly match

Gajaak Boyz United and D3 FC face off in Kenya on Friday | Photo: File

August 29, 2020 (Thessherald)–Gajaak Boyz United (GBU) thrashed D3 FC 1-0 in a friendly match which was attended by hundreds of South Sudanese refugees in Kenya’s refugee camp on Friday.

The game brought together South Sudanese communities, religious leaders and members of the press who covered the event live on social media.

Speaking to the media shortly after kick-off, GBU head coach Changkuoth Thok Reath pointed out that sport has become an important component when it comes to peace-building in society.

“This game is a way to promote peace among our communities,” he said.

He also encourages members of the public, especially citizens of his country, to promote peace through sports and education.

“Football game has now become a unifying tool that promotes peace in the world – there’s a need for young people to fully participate in sporting events in order for peace to prevail in the country,” said a supporter of D3 FC.

The goal was scored in the second half of the match by No. 9, known to many as Kaparo.

This is the second time the two teams have faced off since D3 FC’s victory over GBU in a similar friendly match played in recent months.

Kenya has remained home to millions of South Sudanese refugees who were forced to flee violence in 2013, following the outbreak of the civil war.

The peace agreement signed in September 2018 – offers a glimpse of hope for the voluntary repatriation of South Sudanese refugees.