Breaking: Kiir appoints Denay as Jonglei Governor

Denay Jock Chagor, former minister of higher education science and technology, talks to Radio Miraya about the government’s plan to provide assistance to students stranded in foreign countries. Photography: Radio Miraya

July 15, 2020 (Thessherald)–South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit in a presidential order announced on the nation’s SSBC has appointed Denay Jock Chagor as Governor of Jonglei State, ending weeks-long power wrangling within the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA).

Jock has served as Minister of Higher Education Science and Technology following his appointment in line with the provisions of the peace agreement.

In a related development, President Kiir has appointed Gabriel Changson Chang as Minister of Higher Education Science and Technology in exchange for Denay Jock Chagor.

Since last week, there has been a sharp disagreement among members of the opposition coalition over who should be the Governor of Jonglei State.

As the disagreement had continued, Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, the Secretary-General of SSOA and leader of the National Democratic Movement (NDM) nominated NDM Secretary-General Mahjoub Biel as a candidate for the Jonglei governor.

Newsflash: SSOA rejects recent states allocation, eyeing Oil-rich Upper Nile

June 18, 2020 (Thessherald)–The leadership of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), a coalition group comprising of political factions, has issued a statement, rejecting the recent allocation of states agreed by the Presidency on Wednesday.

Hon. Josephine Joseph Lagu, the Chair of the group, expressed her dismay at the unilateral agreement reached in the absence of the SSSOA representative.

“The Leadership of SSOA is dismayed by the press statement released by the Minister of the Presidential Affairs yesterday 17th June 2020 which reallocated the States to the parties to the Agreement.”

“The said meeting between H.E. The President and his First Vice President, did not include VP for SSOA H.E. Hussein Abdelbagi Akol who is currently in Aweil completing the funeral rites of his late father who passed away in Juba on the 6th June 2020.”

The SSOA leadership said it remains firm under the previous decision, agreed on May 7, 2020, which was later rejected by the main armed opposition group, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-IO.

“Because of that, the leadership of SSOA still stands by the resolution of the Presidency dated 07 May 2020 that allocated Upper Nile to SSOA.”

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit and the First Vice-president Dr. Riek Machar agreed on Wednesday to allocate oil-rich Upper Nile State to the SPLM-IO in exchange for Jonglei State previously rejected by the SPLM-IO.

SSOA selects Hussein Abdelbagi as 5th Vice President

Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, a senior member of the South Sudan Patriotic Movement (SSPM), (Photo: File)

(Thessherald)-The South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) a coalition of opposition parties, has finally nominated Hussein Abdelbagi Akol as the 5th Vice President in the Revitalized Transitional Transitional Government of National Unity.

Since last week, the opposition alliance has been undecided and unable to select one nominee from its five candidates for the position of Vice President in the new unity government.

Last week on Thursday, the group submitted to President Kiir a list of five candidates, asking him to choose from among the five, a capable leader who fits for the position of Vice President, a move that has come under heavy criticism on social media.

South Sudan’s government and the opposition signed a peace agreement in September 2018, aimed at ending protracted civil civil war that has killed approximately 400,000 people forced million from the homes.

The agreement stipulates that, apart from the President and the First Vice President, there shall be four Vice Presidents in the Republic of South Sudan, who shall be nominated as follows:

1- Vice President to be nominated by Incumbent TGoNU to oversee Economic Cluster;

2- Vice President to be nominated by SSOA to oversee Services Delivery Cluster;

3-Vice President to be nominated by Incumbent TGoNU to oversee Infrastructure Cluster;

and 4- Vice President to be nominated by FDs, who shall be a woman, Gender and Youth Cluster.

More over, the agreement spelt out that the Council of Ministers of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity shall be composed of about 35 Ministries:

  • Twenty Ministries for the Incumbent TGoNU under the Kiir administration:
  • Nine Ministries for the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-IO (SPLM/A-IO):
  • Three Ministries for the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSO)A:
  • Two Ministries for FDs and;
  • One Ministry for the Other Political Parties (OPP).

Hussein Abdelbagi Akol is a senior member of the South Sudan Patriotic Movement (SSPM), an opposition faction that’s part of the R-ARCSS.

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