5 mourners parish in fatal car accident along Jub-Mundri road

Juba—At least 5 mourners died in a fatal car accident on Tapari bridge along the Juba–Mundri road while transporting the body of the late Henry Faragi to Lui on Monday, according to a family member.

Since 2020, there have been a number of road accidents across the country, some of which are attributed to unpaved roads and failure to observe traffic rules.

During the rainy season, long stretches become so thick with mud that make it extremely difficult for vehicles and people to slog through.

In 2016, the World Bank provided millions of dollars to fund the construction of old and unpaved roads in the country.

“In order to help promote growth for the rural communities scattered along the road, and to connect villagers to markets, schools and healthcare, the World Bank financed the construction of 424 km of better, smoother rural roads.”

In 2012, shortly after the country gained independence, South Sudan pledged to spend at least $4.2 billion on building roads, but such a promise remains unrealistic for the world’s newest country that relies heavily on oil revenues.