Juba University & Upper Nile University students hijack SSGSU

Juba University and Upper Nile university students have hijacked and manipulated South Sudan General Students’ Union , turning it into a -two- University Union.

By: Kuol Mathubier Kucdhal

Opinion —My fellow citizens, students of Public and Private universities, students from different colleges and institutes, graduates, students of High school, South Sudanese students abroad and the entire intellectual community, wherever you are, who will read this article, my special hello and greeting to you all.

Whether aware or not , South Sudan General Students’ Union, an umbrella which unites all students in the higher institutions of learning, in “ROSS,” in regardless of their levels, programs, universities, gender and background , is in its ” revival stage ” and has been sadly hijacked and manipulated by few individuals from the two public universities , UNU and UoJ , in the following ways:

1.Delegates who are to attend and participate in the 2nd Convention which is scheduled to take place on 15th- 18th .Feb.2021, all or 99.8% of whom, come from the two universities.

How did this dominance happen ? Well, in 2019, these students, the hijackers ,cleverly and secretly sat in Juba , unanimously agreed that ,the best way to sidestep other students was to conduct the delegation process in backdoors, without informing their counterparts who are studying outside the city namely; students from ; John Garang Memorial University( Bor), Rumbek University, Wau University, ,Catholic university , Wau and Rumbek branches respectively, other colleges and institutes were even in Juba, were not included !

  1. The students selected themselves based on whom they thought was friendly to be on the tick to avoid any future inconvenience. They decided that they divided themselves into States , each defunct state,32, plus Abyei , was to bring 5 nominees, bring the total number of delegates to 165, boom!! all from UoJ and UNU.

Was it by coincidence?

I don’t think so. It was plotted. And that brings the question ” what is the difference between South Sudan National Youth Union, SSNYU and SSGSU, if their mode of nomination is the same ??

The delegates should have been drawn from public and private universities.

But very unfortunately, our brothers studying in the city have developed what I can call ” patronizing or condescending attitude” ” a deceitful attitude of superiority. “We can just represent them”. No problem… This is very a primitive attitude, because it shows nothing but lack of understanding of how things work…it portrays individual lack of intellectuality.

We need this umbrella. We need each other under it. When did Upper Nile and Juba universities become ” General”. Or you think you are our generals in Juba , then, who ordained you?. When did you become the “Messi” of all private and public universities?

What a violation of this body’s constitution, for two or three universities to merge and monopolize an entity located in a nation where there are more than ten universities, let alone high schools , colleges and institutes?

It’s interestingly sad to see that, our fresh future Lawyers and engineers , are the ones leading the campaign of hijackers and manipulators, then, where is the future when we , in this early stage break the simple rule of ” inclusion”?

Where is democracy, when the minority excludes the majority, just by the virtue of them being in the city ? How will you know the challenges facing your fellows in other universities?

Are you Jesus to know our problems before coming to us ?

  1. The 5 delegates from each state ,after their ” self- nomination” were eventually stamped or approved by the then , sate ministers of education. The best example, is the defunct western lakes state, where I’m made to know, the delegates approached and persuaded the former minister , who was in Juba on an official visit, to endorse their names, which she did so innocently, without having second thoughts on her roles.

Here comes, another question, is this government-approved delegates eligible now ?. Is SSGSU , independent from government and political influence or is it a government small political play ground?. What a violation of our constitution again?

  1. Now, our brothers have succeeded in changing the body from social organization to political organization, by lobbying approval from a political appointees.I know , they will even ” hijack our Union to the sun! I’m sure they will the serve the interests of those who approved them, not our interest as they allude.

What are the possible ways forward or consequences?

The interim and Electoral committees of SSGSU should save the body from collapse and do these:

  1. Suspend the second convention , form a constitution amending committee, to amend the constitution first, see condition for eligibility, office tenure, make registration of qualified universities for the membership.

2.Give the delegation process to University students’ unions and states associations.


  1. Renaming of “SSGSU” to “something else that suggests , it belongs to two or three universities.
  1. Withdrawal of all universities which are not represented, we will disown its legitimacy and eligibility of its executive and council bodies.
    And most importantly, we will not ” recognize ” whoever that emerges as its leader , even if you promise us “heaven” or free education”, with no respect to our constitution.
    Inconclusively, I apologize for boring you with a lengthy article but I want to advise all of us, the youth of South Sudan today , to set a strong a example now on how we will handle our affairs in the future , that’s a beginning of change we all seek to make or we gonna be worst than you can ever imagine. Any sort of bamboozle will take us to square one.

Thanks for reading.

The writer is a Student of Rumbek University of Science and Technology- RUST and chairman of defunct Western Lakes State Students’ Association. Reachable via: kuolmathebier8@gmail.com

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