Newsflash: China to take over JIA in 2022 over unpaid debts

Juba International Airport to be taken over by China over unsettled debts | File

China is now proposing to take over Juba International Airport in the event that the world’s youngest nation, South Sudan, fails to pay off its unsettled debts, which amount to $2.96 billion, according to an internal document obtained by Thessherald.

South Sudan has become one of the latest African countries to fall into Chinese debt-traps after Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Latest data obtained from the China-Africa Research Initiative, reveal that China currently owes more than $30.34 billion from developing countries in Africa.

In 2016, the South Sudanese government requested $1.9 billion from China to boost its developmental projects and repair key oilfields ravaged by years of conflict.

According to the World Bank, South Sudan is one of the most oil-dependent countries in the world, with oil accounting for almost the totality of exports, 90% of revenue, and more than one-third of its gross domestic product (GDP).

However, a recent study by Transparency International revealed that South Sudan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, followed by Somalia and Yemen.

UNICEF provides medical services in hard-to-reach areas

UNICEF Team in speedboats /Emmanuel Moja

(Thessherald)–In a joint effort with the World Bank Group, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has delivered medical facilities in Wau-Shillok, one of the remote areas in the country that has experienced insecurity and inadequate health care Services during the conflict.

In a brief statement on Thursday, UNICEF Communications Officer Richard Ruati confirmed the arrival of humanitarian responders in the area.

“As part of the UNICEF South Sudan-World Bank Health Project Partnership Media Mission to Malakal, we to the media to Wau-Shilluk and Owechi towns on the riverbank of the Nile, remote places that are accessible only by speedboats by humanitarians to deliver the much-needed healthcare at the community level targeting children and mothers,” he said.

UNICEF is an international agency responsible for providing services on a humanitarian basis, in a bid to achieve Universal Health Coverage across the global.

It also places great emphasis on children’s needs.